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The Boys Stirs Super Bowl Buzz with a ‘Too Patriotic’ Ad


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  • The Boys
    ‘ Vought International released a “too patriotic” ad for Turbo Rush, capitalizing on the excitement surrounding the Super Bowl.
  • The upcoming fourth season of
    The Boys
    will take place shortly after the events of the
    Gen V
    spinoff, emphasizing simplicity in storytelling.
  • The Boys
    series has already been renewed for a fifth season, showing its widespread acclaim and commitment to delivering quality entertainment.

As excitement mounts for Super Bowl LVIII which will showcasing a battle of giants between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Prime Video’s The Boys series made a bold move where Vought International, the fictional conglomerate from the series, has unveiled an advertisement for Turbo Rush, branding it as “too patriotic” for television.

Shared via a tweet from Vought International, the ad is positioned as a “love letter to America,” inviting viewers to indulge in the spirit of the occasion with a Turbo Rush in hand. This creative endeavor not only capitalizes on the heightened emotions surrounding one of America’s most beloved sports events but also cleverly navigates the intricate dance of promotional content in a space dominated by high expectations and even higher stakes.

As excitement for the fourth season of The Boys grows, fans are keen to uncover the new adventures that await. Despite its fame for a dark and satirical portrayal of superheroes, the series’ next season still lacks a confirmed release date. However, creator Eric Kripke has shed some light on the timeline, placing the events of season four mere days after the finale of Gen V, a spinoff that has expanded the universe of The Boys even further.


The Boys: Possible Storylines That Season 4 May Follow

Season three of the show may be done, but that only means speculation on Season 4 can begin.

Kripke’s approach to storytelling emphasizes simplicity over complexity, aiming to avoid the convoluted timelines that often plague comic book adaptations. This strategy not only makes for a more accessible viewing experience but also enriches the narrative by focusing on the immediate aftermath of preceding events, thereby maintaining the series’ momentum and relevance.

The Boys Secures Fifth Season Renewal Highlighting Its Acclaimed Storytelling and Global Appeal

Renewing The Boys for a fifth season before the fourth even premieres speaks volumes about the series’ widespread acclaim and the effectiveness of its storytelling approach. Filming is set to take place in Toronto, signaling ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality entertainment that resonates with audiences worldwide. Kripke’s candid reflection on his inability to predict the series’ longevity underscores the unpredictable nature of television success and the dynamic landscape of viewer preferences.

As fans of The Boys and newcomers alike tune in for the Super Bowl festivities, the inclusion of Vought International’s audacious ad serves as a reminder of the show’s unique position in the entertainment landscape. The series masterfully combines the thrill of actual events with the fictional realm of superheroes and villains, offering an experience that transcends the boundaries of the screen.

With all eyes on Prime Video for the return of The Boys, the anticipation for the new season—and the curiosity about its direction—continues to grow. As the series aims to further its narrative, it remains central to the evolving debate on the societal function of superheroes and their media depiction. In the meantime, the ad for Turbo Rush stands as a provocative piece of the larger puzzle, enticing viewers with the promise of more thrilling content to come.

the boys

The Boys

Release Date
July 26, 2019


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