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The Beekeeper Ending & Twist Explained By Star & Director


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This post contains significant spoilers for The Beekeeper.




  • The Beekeeper’s ending and twist reveal that Derek, the son of the US President, has been involved in corrupt activities and is the true mastermind behind the scam.
  • The movie explores themes of corruption and the potential consequences when it infiltrates those in power.
  • Despite drawing parallels to current events, the director and star deny that the movie is directly inspired by real-world politics and emphasize that it is a fictional action film with creative liberties.

The Beekeeper director David Ayer and star Josh Hutcherson address the movie’s ending and what the twist means. The latest action thriller follows Adam Clay (Jason Statham), an ex-commando who has seemingly retired from his work at the titular organization. However, when his neighbor, Eloise (Phylicia Rashad), becomes the victim of a phishing scam from a data mining company, Clay seeks old-fashioned and grisly vengeance on the scammers. Given that one of the lead villains, Derek Danforth (Hutcherson), is the son of the United States President, audiences have questioned if current events inspired it.

In an interview with Variety, Ayer and Hutcherson addressed The Beekeeper’s ending and the final twist. Despite audiences drawing parallels between the movie’s villain and Hunter Biden’s legal struggles, Ayer denied that current events inspired it. While acknowledging the dirty side of politics and the White House’s “history of problematic First Family members,” the director and Hutcherson explain that it’s a fictional action movie. In addition, it has the creative liberty to go outside the bounds of current events. Check out their statements below:

Ayer: “At the end of the day, it’s just an action movie. The White House has a long and nonpartisan history of problematic First Family members.”

Hutcherson: “Things in politics can be dirty and money comes from all sorts of weird places. So is there some kind of inspiration on things that could be true? I think that’s always the fun part with movies. When you’re making something that’s fictional, you want to make it grounded in some possible reality, while at the same time having creative license to take it to all kinds of wild places.

The twist is great. I did not see that coming when I was reading the script, and when I got to that point, that informed me so much about who Derek is. Knowing that that person is your mother and what that means about what your life is a very informative little nugget to Derek as a character creative process.”

What Does The Beekeeper’s Final Twist Mean?

Jason Statham as Adam Clay in David Ayer's The Beekeeper

The Beekeeper sees Clay work through many layers of corruption to exact revenge on the true perpetrators of the scam that targeted Eloise. This leads to him destroying the major call center of the data mining company, which is the location that directly carried out the phishing scam. However, Clay isn’t satisfied with this action. To truly get justice and prevent anyone else from becoming like Eloise, Statham’s character must take out the culprit, who is really in control of everything, which is revealed to be Derek.

As a member of the shadowy organization “Beekeepers,” Clay showcased his formidable skills and intelligence. He’s able to take his revenge mission to the White House without being stopped, and it’s there that he finds Danforth. It is then revealed in the final act that, using his power and influence as the President’s son, Danforth has been secretly involved in multiple corrupt undertakers. This included operating Danforth Enterprises to carry out phishing scams and using dirty money to fund his mother’s Presidential campaign.


Does The Beekeeper Have A Post-Credits Scene?

Jason Statham might have a new action movie franchise on his hands, but is there a The Beekeeper post-credits scene setting up what could come next?

At the end of The Beekeeper’s, Clay kills Danforth, an action he feels is necessary to prevent further corruption from trickling down from the White House. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Verona Parker (Emmy Raver-Lampman) allows Clay to go free, at least temporarily sympathizing with his mission and motives. While the outlandish plot isn’t based on current events, it does warn of what could happen when corruption seeps into those at the top of society. The Beekeper‘s ending and final twist open the door for a potential sequel while leaving audiences with much to interpret regarding morals, justice, and political corruption.

Source: Variety

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The Beekeeper

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