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The Bear Season 3 Already Has The Perfect Way To Introduce Carmy’s Dad


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  • “The Bear” Season 3 needs to address the absence of Carmy’s father, who has been a major mystery throughout the show.
  • “Fishes”, episode 6 of Season 2, offers a closer look at Carmy’s family and helps explain their complexities and dynamics.
  • Bob Odenkirk’s character, Uncle Lee, could be the perfect way to introduce and reveal more about Carmy’s dad in “The Bear” Season 3.



The Bear has become a critically acclaimed show over the course of its two seasons with plenty of interesting storylines, but the mystery around Carmy’s dad now has a perfect way to be answered. While the show has become popular for its comedy and dark humor, The Bear also has some of the most stressful scenes on TV, making it both funny and devastating. This is perfectly captured through Carmy’s family, who have a complicated relationship. Season 2, episode 6, “Fishes”, perfectly captures this by focusing on Carmy’s family celebrating Christmas, which is both hilarious and tense all at once.

“Fishes” is the prime example of how complex the Berzatto family is with each member having their own unique quirks. While there are several stand-out characters in this episode, there is one notable absence, Carmy’s father. He is barely mentioned throughout the two seasons and there is plenty of mystery around the character, given he hasn’t appeared in The Bear. Although there is little known about the character or his backstory, The Bear is known for its excellent use of guest actors and season 3 could introduce someone big to play Carmy’s dad with the perfect introduction already set up.

The Bear
season 3 is expected to begin filming in February 2024.

The Bear Season 3 Really Needs To Address The Absence Of Carmy’s Father

Carmy’s Father Is One Of The Bear’s Biggest Mysteries

Jeremy Allen White Carmy with his mom and Sugar The Bear

Although Carmy’s father’s absence is an intriguing mystery, season 3 has to address it. There are plenty of The Bear theories regarding what happened to Carmy’s father, but after two seasons, it is a good time to address his backstory. “Fishes” was one of the show’s best episodes as alongside its great comedy and drama, the show really expanded on Carmy’s family. The episode offered a closer look at Carmy’s mother, Donna, helping explain why she isn’t more present in the show. This explained some of Carmy and Sugar’s insecurities while making Donna’s appearance in season 2’s finale more emotional.

Having another intense episode full of fluctuating emotions would grant Carmy’s dad the perfect backstory and reveal the show’s biggest ongoing mystery.

Michael Berzatto has also been one of the most interesting characters in the show, and he plays an important role in the overall story. His death swings the whole plot into motion and “Fishes” offers more clarity about the struggles Mikey faced. This is what makes the episode so powerful and is why the truth about Carmy’s father needs to be revealed. Having another intense episode full of fluctuating emotions would grant Carmy’s dad the perfect backstory and reveal the show’s biggest ongoing mystery. Carmy’s dad is crucial to developing the Berzatto family and further explaining their personalities.

Bob Odenkirk’s Uncle Lee Could Be The Perfect Way To Introduce Carmy’s Dad In The Bear

Bob Odenkirk Played Uncle Lee In The Bear Season 2

Bob Odenkirk’s Uncle Lee was introduced in The Bear season 2 and is the perfect character to offer clarity about Carmy’s father. Odenkirk’s only appearance is in the Christmas episode, where it is made clear that some members of the Berzatto family don’t like him. His return could come in the form of another flashback or the present day, but he offers a great chance to reveal more about Carmy’s dad. Uncle Lee is outspoken, making him the most obvious candidate to mention something about Carmy’s dad, even when the information is unwanted.

The character does this during “Fishes” regarding Mikey’s story and his drug use and can do so again with Carmy’s dad. While it isn’t confirmed how Uncle Lee is connected to the Berzattos, he could be part of Carmy’s dad’s side of the family and may potentially be his brother. Even if they aren’t related, Uncle Lee likely knows who Carmy’s dad is and why he isn’t around. Uncle Lee still having connections with the character could be a fun way to bring him into the series, and it presents some fun casting options for Carmy’s father in The Bear.


The Bear Season 2 Features One Of The Most Haunting Family Christmas Episodes In TV History

The Bear season 2, episode 6, “Fishes,” may be set at Christmas, but there’s little cheer to be found in the haunting & cinematic holiday flashback.

Bob Odenkirk’s Return As Uncle Lee Is More Likely After Lucky Hank’s Cancelation

Lucky Hank’s Cancellation Should Free Up Bob Odenkirk’s Schedule For A Return In The Bear

Bob Odenkirk looking at something in Lucky Hank

Better Call Saul
also finished,
The Bear
is the most obvious return to TV Odenkirk has.

After the cancelation of Lucky Hank, Bob Odenkirk’s The Bear return will be more likely. Bob Odenkirk’s Lucky Hank season 2 was canceled, which cleared up his schedule. Odenkirk is still set to star in Nobody 2 and The Room Return!, but with no ongoing TV shows, it will make finding time to shoot an episode of The Bear much easier. With Better Call Saul also finished, The Bear is the most obvious return to TV Odenkirk has and, given his excellent performance and potential importance to the story, it would be great to see him back in season 3.

With Uncle Lee being The Bear‘s best option to expand the story, Odenkirk’s lighter schedule will hopefully open the door to his return. The mystery around Carmy’s dad is crucial to the story and season 3 can’t afford to put things off. Bob Odenkirk was undoubtedly a huge part of one of The Bear‘s best episodes and more of him would be amazing for the show’s future, as well as learning more about the Berzatto family.

The Bear TV Poster

The Bear

Set in a Chicago sandwich shop, The Bear follows Carmy Berzatto, a young professionally trained chef who returns to take over his family business after the unexpected death of his brother. At odds with many of the shop’s employees due to his culinary training, Carmy struggles to maintain order and keep the shop from failing entirely. Jeremy Allen White stars as Carmy alongside Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Ayo Edebiri. 

Release Date
June 23, 2022

Jeremy Allen White , Ebon Moss-Bachrach , Ayo Edebiri , Lionel Boyce , Liza Colón-Zayas , Abby Elliott , Oliver Platt


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