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Society Of The Snow Removed A Heartbreaking Survivor Detail From The 52-Year-Old True Story


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While Society of the Snow is a highly authentic portrayal of the real-life 1972 Andes plane crash and survival story, one key detail was left out.


  • Society of the Snow is an authentic portrayal of the 1972 Andes plane crash, based on the book by Pablo Vierci and with input from survivors and families of the deceased.
  • The movie focuses on Numa, the protagonist and narrator, and only acknowledges his birthday on the mountain, leaving out other survivors’ birthdays likley due to time constraints.
  • The film’s accuracy and attention to detail contribute to its popularity and status as Spain’s official submission for Best International Feature at the 2024 Academy Awards.



The J.A. Boyena survival movie Society of the Snow removed one key detail from the true story in the otherwise highly accurate film. Society of the Snow has been praised for its intently authentic portrayal of the survivors and the deceased regarding the tragic 1972 Andres plane crash and 72-day fight for survival in essentially unlivable conditions. Bayona worked closely with the living survivors and the families of the deceased to capture a highly faithful representation of what exactly happened over the course of the true story.

Society of the Snow is based on the book “La Sociedad de la Nieve” written by Pablo Vierci, who grew up with many of the survivors and the deceased. Society of the Snow is Spain’s official submission for Best International Feature at the 2024 Academy Awards and features a cast of entirely South American actors, many of whom make their feature film debut. Society of the Snow was released on Netflix on January 4, 2024, and has maintained its status as one of the most popular films on the streaming platform.


Real Photos Of Society Of The Snow Show How Accurate The Movie Is

Society of the Snow authentically captures many aspects of the actual 1972 Andes plane crash and honors the perspectives of those directly involved.

Multiple People Celebrated Their Birthdays On The Mountain (Not Just Numa)

Enzo Vogrincic Roldán as Numa Turcatti looking around worried in Society of the Snow

One of the most personally tragic moments of Society of the Snow is when Numa mentions in his voice-over at one point that it’s his birthday. This would have been true for several of the survivors over the course of the 72-day period in Society of the Snow but the movie skips over a few other birthdays that were actually celebrated on the mountain. Carlos Rodriguez and Nando, both survivors, had their birthdays on the mountain. Alfredo “Pancho” Delgado’s birthday occurred just a few days after the avalanche killed eight people and was celebrated with singing and wine.

It’s important to note that while Numa was the protagonist and narrator of Society of the Snow, he is given a much larger focus than in previous renditions of the story such as in the 1993 film Alive starring Ethan Hawke. Numa’s name was not used in Alive because the production did not have the permission of the families of the deceased to use their actual names and likenesses. A great deal of Society of the Snow is told through Numa’s eyes and, as a result, he is the only person whose birthday on the mountain is acknowledged.


Hidden Detail In Society Of The Snow’s Rescue Scene Explains A Huge Reason For The Movie’s Accuracy

One key detail towards the end of Society of the Snow depicts how the authenticity of the film was able to be achieved & recreated with such accuracy.

Why Society Of The Snow Removed The Survivors’ Birthday Celebrations

With the runtime of Society of the Snow already approaching two hours and thirty minutes, a likely reason why the film only includes Numa’s birthday is due to time constraints. There is so much to be covered and pay respect to in the movie that the point they make about Numa celebrating his life while surrounded by death is accomplished by one example alone. There was no real need to replicate other birthdays in Society of the Snow, although it would have been interesting to include at least in Nando’s case since he was such a huge part of the story.

Society of the Snow Netflix Movie Poster

Society of the Snow

Release Date
December 15, 2023

J.A. Bayona

Matías Recalt , Agustin Pardella , Felipe González Otaño , Luciano Chatton , Valentino Alonso , Francisco Romero , Agustín Berruti , Andy Pruss

144 Minutes

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