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Sandra Diaz-Twine’s Pool Table Meeting Proves She’s Still The Strategy Queen


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  • Sandra Diaz-Twine has been showcasing her strategic skills on The Traitors US season 2, proving herself as a valuable asset to her team.
  • Sandra’s recent conversation at the pool table revealed her hope that the Traitors were among her own group, not just the other group in the house.
  • Sandra’s explanation on Instagram received support from both the cast and fans of The Traitors US season 2, recognizing her game moves and underestimation by others.



The Traitors US season 2’s Sandra Diaz-Twine is known for her strategic skills on Survivor, but seeing her put them into use on the new series has been exciting for fans and her fellow cast members. While Sandra hasn’t been heavily featured on The Traitors US season 2, she’s been making her mark on the series as the episodes have gone by. As one of the remaining Faithful in the game, Sandra is on her way to the endgame of the series, proving herself as one of the most valuable assets to her team. While Sandra has been strategic throughout The Traitors US, it’s been more apparent in recent episodes.

In a post on Sandra’s Instagram, she explained there was more to her talk at the pool table with the rest of her team on the most recent episode of The Traitors US season 2. “I want to make something clear. During that strategy session…I also made it clear that hopefully the traitors were in our group so that they could murder each [and every one] of the so-called most faithful of the faithful, therefore allowing the faithful in the leftovers to get to the end of the game.”

Sandra shared that while The Traitors US only revealed part of her conversation with Phaedra Parks, Parvati Shallow, Mercedes “MJ” Javid, Kate Chastain, Shereé Whitfield, and Chris “C.T.” Tamburello was shown. She touched on the fact that aside from explaining she felt the Traitors were in the other group in the house, she hoped the Traitors were among her own group, as well.

The Traitors Cast & Fans React To Sandra’s Explanation

Montage of The Traitors US' Parvati Shallow and Sandra Diaz-Twine

Sandra took to Instagram to clarify her stance and many, including the cast of The Traitors US season 2 flocked to her post for support. “This moment was so amazing in person,” Kate Chastain commented, “You really did explain even more with salt and pepper packets.” Big Brother 23 winner Xavier Prather commented, “No need to explain your game moves. Those who get it, get it.” Fans shared their appreciation, like @insta_sedric, commenting, “Sandra backed into a corner and forced to work with a bunch of free agents, against an alliance led by a man who is coming across as unlikable? Sounds like favorable conditions for another Sandra win.”

While Sandra may have been able to hone her strategic thinking and gameplay during her time on Survivor, it’s coming in tremendously handy during her time on The Traitors US. Sandra has been underestimated during her time on the series by nearly everyone, aside from Parvati who has known her gameplay intimately throughout their years on the show. With Sandra working hard to ensure that her team is aware of what the rest of the game will probably look like, she’s hopeful that allowing others to see the strategy she’s been working on will make it easier for her to navigate her way to the endgame.

As The Traitors US season 2 continues on, the stakes are getting higher as the game moves toward the very end. Though there are still many people left in the castle, the series typically concludes with anywhere from two to five players alive. Sandra, who’s been working hard to align her strategy with her team, hopes that she can be one of the few left in The Traitors US at the very end of the game.

Source: Sandra Diaz-Twine/Instagram

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