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Roseanne Explained 26 Years Ago Why The Conners Had To Destroy David


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  • Johnny Galecki’s character David in The Conners is facing vilification for abandoning his family, which goes against the show’s emphasis on the importance of family.
  • David’s absence from the show is due to Galecki’s schedule, but without a physical appearance, it will be challenging for his character to be redeemed.
  • With The Conners potentially ending soon, David is running out of time to make amends for his actions as an absent father.



Johnny Galecki’s David Healy has been officially vilified in The Conners, but surprising as it was, the original Roseanne series has explained why 26 years ago. Known for its relatable portrayal of the middle-class American family has survived several tragedies since it returned on the air via a revival. Roseanne’s death is arguably at the top of the list in terms of their misfortunes, following the Conners matriarch unexpectedly dying due to an overdose. That being said, not all losses are due to permanent deaths. Some of them are due to other factors, which can be worse.

That’s exactly what happened to several characters, who have just been written out of The Conners unexpectedly. For starters, Roseanne and Dan’s youngest child, DJ, was quietly removed from the series after four seasons. His daughter, Mary, stayed on beyond that, but she barely made any impact on its storytelling. Ahead of The Conners season 6, it has also been confirmed that she will not return to the show. While the show has kept the door open for them, one particular character will likely never reunite with the clan again, especially after The Conners season 5 finale — Galecki’s David.


The Conners’ History-Changing Plot Twist Sets Up A Tragedy Worse Than Roseanne’s Death

One of The Conners’ biggest twists changes the family’s history while also setting up a tragedy that may even be worse than the death of Roseanne.

David Abandoning His Family Is The Worst Roseanne Crime

Sara Gilbert and Johnny Galecki as Darlene and David looking sad in The Conners

Johnny Galecki appeared in The Conners for several episodes during its earlier seasons. He shares two kids with his Roseanne girlfriend, Darlene — Harris and Mark. Since his last visit to Lanford, however, in The Conners season 2, episode 4, “Lanford… Lanford,” he has yet to be back, opting to prioritize his advocacies over spending time with his family. David was a great character back in the original show. He was respectful and patient; he was also devoted to Darlene. Based on that, it’s surprising that The Conners would destroy David beyond repair, as it did in the season 5 finale.

That being said, despite all his good qualities, he commits the worst crime possible in the Roseanne franchise — abandoning his family. For nine seasons, the ABC series harped on the importance of family, with the Conners matriarch spearheading the efforts to keep hers intact and happy regardless of the challenges that come their way. For David to choose his work over spending time with his kids goes against that principle, hence why vilifying him at the end of season 5 and celebrating Ben, who has been devoted to helping Darlene and his kids, was justified.

The Conners season 6 will premiere on February 7, 2024, at 8 pm ET on ABC.

Can The Conners Still Redeem David?

Roseanne David Healy Johnny Galecki

Behind the scenes, the real reason why David hasn’t been back in Lanford is because of Galecki’s schedule. The actor is taking a break from acting after starring in The Big Bang Theory for 12 years, while also doing other endeavors. Once he’s ready to step back into the shoes of David, it’s possible that The Conners can bring him back. However, without a physical appearance, it would be difficult to redeem his character, especially since his biggest crime is being an absent father. Unfortunately, with The Conners potentially ending soon, he’s running out of time to make amends.

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