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Ranger Academy Hints One Power Rangers SPD Member May Be Immortal


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  • Anubis Cruger, from Rangers SPD, makes an appearance in Ranger Academy, set long after the series, suggests that he may be immortal or have a shockingly long lifespan.
  • Ranger Academy takes place in the far future; though a specific date has not been revealed yet, context clues place its action in the 26th century.
  • Other Power Rangers characters from different time periods also make appearances, hinting at the possibility of longer lifespans or time travel as other potential answers.



Warning: Spoilers for Ranger Academy #3!Anubis Cruger, the leader of the Power Rangers SPD central cast and the team’s Shadow Ranger, is destined to live beyond his years – with Boom! Studios current Ranger Academy series teasing that he may, in fact, be immortal. By taking the character out of his familiar time period and flinging him far into the future, readers have been given much to speculate about regarding Cruger’s true nature.

Ranger Academy #3 – by Maria Ingrande Mora, Jo Mi-Gyeong, Fabiana Mascolo, and Ed Dukeshire – puts Cruger in a new role, in an even more surprising new era. Ranger Academy takes place in the far future, and is set at the eponymous school where students are trained to be Power Rangers.

panels from Ranger Academy #3, Power Rangers SPD Commander Anubis Cruger and Omega Blue Ranger Yale of Saard talk about Ranger Academy security measures

As the third issue reveals, SPD Director Anubis Cruger is present at Ranger Academy as one of the school’s professors. The explanation for his cameo appearance has to be one of three things: time travel, immortality, or his species has a shockingly long lifespan, like another SPD teammate of his.


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How is the Power Rangers SPD Leader at Ranger Academy So Far in the Future?

Ranger Academy #3, Former Power Rangers Yale Omega Ranger Blue and Shadow Ranger from SPD Anubis Cruger have their conversation at Ranger Academy interrupted by Sage

Within the timeline of the show’s universe, “Doggie” Cruger helped found the Earth station of SPD Academy in 2015 as its Commander. The show takes place in 2025, and at series’ end, he’s promoted to Supreme Commander. Ranger Academy follows Sage, a 13-year-old girl raised by her father on a lonely lunar colony. When a group of Rangers-in-training crash-land on their colony, Sage wants to join them back at their school, to her father’s dismay. Her dad is hesitant to elaborate why he’s against the idea of his daughter going to a Ranger Academy, but when she leaves without his permission, she soon discovers he was an attendee at the school in 2498.

While Sage’s dad’s age isn’t specified, this information firmly situates Ranger Academy as taking place several decades later, firmly putting its action in the 26th century. Anxious to learn more about her dad’s time as a Red Ranger-in-training, and why he hid this from her, Sage reports to the head library archivist, Nika. Unbeknownst to Sage, the archivist is an old friend and seemingly an old classmate of her father’s. When Sage approaches Nika, he’s deep in a conversation with SPD Director Anubis “Doggie” Cruger. It’s also worth noting that Yale of Saard, the Blue Omega Ranger, makes an appearance beside them as well, before Sage interrupts.

Cruger Isn’t the Only Power Rangers SPD Member with a Shocking Lifespan

Power Rangers S.P.D. –Anubis Doggie Cruger (live action version)

If one assumes Cruger is in his 40s during SPD, he’d be nearly 500 years old in Ranger Academy. Notably, Cruger isn’t the only Ranger from the past who makes an appearance in Ranger Academy. Jen from Time Force, which takes place in the year 3000, appears in this issue in hologram form. As seen with Mighty’s Morphin’s Billy last year, Rangers can interact via holograms broadcast from their current time period. Cruger may either be immortal or have a longer lifespan than most species, which doesn’t sound completely out of the ordinary. Kat Manx – Ranger SPD’s tech expert – was born in 1878. By 2025, Kat doesn’t look a day over 147.

This could apply to Cruger, too. He comes from the Sirian race from the planet Sirius. The franchise has not detailed the physiology of the Sirians, but it’s not hard to believe that an alien race may have a longer lifespan compared to that of the human race. The same can be said for Yaard, explaining why they can make their cameo in the issue. Considering Cruger’s stance on time travel in the Dino Thunder team-up in Power Rangers SPD, time travel seems off the table as an explanation, leaving immortality as the most intriguing prospect for fans to ponder before an answer is revealed.

Ranger Academy #3

Ranger Academy #3 cover by Miguel Mercado

  • Writer: Maria Ingrande Mora
  • Artist: Jo Mi-Gyeong
  • Colorist: , Fabiana Mascolo
  • Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
  • Cover Artist: Miguel Mercado

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