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Prom Queen Will Adapt R.L. Stine’s 15th Book in the Series


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Netflix’s fourth Fear Street movie will adapt Fear Street: The Prom Queen as a standalone story that goes into pre-production this month.

Fear Street: Prom Queen Details

After acquiring the Fear Street Trilogy from the now defunct 20th Century Fox and witnessing the success it had, Netflix always seemed likely to make more, but rather than telling a continuation of the trilogy; this is more of a standalone piece focused on one story rather than collecting and mixing aspects from multiple tales.

The Canadian Director’s Guild revealed that the movie went into pre-production this month, and filming will likely begin sometime in the Spring.

The plot of The Prom Queen goes as follows.

Dance of death…

A spring night…soft moonlight…five beautiful Prom Queen candidates…dancing couples at the Shadyside High prom—these should be the ingredients for romance.

But stir in one brutal murder—then another, and another—and the recipe quickly turns to horror.

Lizzie McVay realizes that someone is murdering the five Prom Queen candidates one by one—and that she may be next on the list! Can she stop the murderer before the dance is over—for good?

The Fear Street series has been a long-running gateway horror series for young readers and has amassed more than 150 entries. Its author, R.L. Stine, is also responsible for the Goosebumps series, which has also been adapted multiple times, including a Disney Plus television series late last year.

The latest Fear Street movie had previously been reported to be helmed by watcher and V/H/S 94 director Chloe Okuno, but there’s still been no confirmation of who is directing this film. Netflix’s Head of Film also previously confirmed the next Fear Street movie would be a standalone.

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