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‘Pretty Devastated’: Lucifer’s Tom Ellis Reflects On The Awkward Timing Of The Show’s First Cancellation


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It’s been over two years since Lucifer came to an end after multiple revivals, and at one point, it didn’t even seem like the show was going to come back at all. Before Netflix gave the fantasy procedural dramedy three additional seasons and a bittersweet ending, Fox gave it the ole’ heave-ho. Apparently, that all came at a pretty awkward time, according to Lucifer Morningstar himself, Tom Ellis, who recently looked back at his show and its two homes.

Lucifer made its debut on Fox in 2016, and it gradually grew into a hit. By the third season in 2018, it didn’t seem like there was any chance it would end until Fox canceled it. While appearing as a guest on Michael Rosenbaum’s Inside of You podcast, Ellis admitted how it felt getting the news, which came during a weekend he was celebrating the show with a bunch of fans:

Oh, honestly, I was gutted. I was at a fan convention in Rome, having the time of my life. I’d spent the whole weekend with people just confessing their love for the show and talking about the show, and blah blah blah. I was thousands of miles from where we filmed this thing, thinking, ‘My goodness, isn’t it strange that we’ve got this fanbase that’s growing and growing and growing and growing?’ And then, literally, I was in the minibus on the way back from the convention to the hotel we were staying at, and I got a call from our showrunner saying Fox had just canceled the show. I was crushed. I was thrown. I didn’t expect it to happen, and yeah, I was pretty devastated. [Laughs.]

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