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Pierce Brosnan pleads not guilty to trespassing at Yellowstone National Park | Ents & Arts News


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Pierce Brosnan has pleaded not guilty to allegedly straying into an off-limits part of Yellowstone National Park in the US.

The James Bond star was charged last month with stepping out of bounds and into a thermal area at Mammoth Terraces, in the northern part of the park near the Wyoming-Montana border.

He could be jailed, fined or banned if he is found guilty, with a hearing now scheduled for 20 February after he formally denied the charge, according to a court document.

Visitors enjoying the Daisy Geyser in the park. Pic: AP
Visitors enjoying the Daisy Geyser in the park. File pic: AP

Brosnan was visiting the park for pleasure rather than for business, the US Attorney’s Office for Wyoming said.

Millions visit the park each year, many coming for the geysers and mud pots, where water can be at boiling point.

Mammoth Terraces, a scenic spot of mineral-encrusted hot springs bubbling from a hillside, is one of the hundreds of thermal features in the park.

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People are badly burned every year after ignoring warnings to stay on the trail, with fines, bans from the park and even jail time regularly handed down to trespassers.

In addition to his Bond films, Brosnan starred in the 1980s TV series Remington Steele and is known for starring roles in the films Mrs Doubtfire and The Thomas Crown Affair.

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