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Paige Spiranac responds to Usher’s halftime show claiming he missed a trick | Other | Sport


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Golf personality Paige Spiranac jokingly called out Usher for failing to include her in his Super Bowl LVIII half time show. Spiranac’s alter ego is Sandy Mounds, and she believes she could have played the perfect role in the Las Vegas spectacle.

Usher headlined the musical extravaganza alongside a number of dancers and special guests, creating an epic show as he performed some of his biggest hits over the last two decades. Fans were ultimately disappointed after Usher’s friend and mentee Justin Bieber failed to appear, but there were plenty of others.

Appearances from rappers Lil jon and Ludacris for 2004 smash “Yeah!”, and Alica Keys for “My Boo” sent the crowd into a frenzy. However, Spiranac believes she could have added a better twist, insisting Usher missed out by failing to bring in Sandy Mounds.

Spiranac took to social media to post: “Can’t believe Usher had poles and didn’t call THE Sandy Mounds to work it. You should see what she can do with some roller blades.”

Last year, Spiranac shocked the golfing world by revealing her ‘new career’ journey as a ‘stripper’. She turned into a stripper for her video, collaborating with La Golf and posted a few racy snaps to her Instagram page.

In addition, she released a satirical mockumentary on her YouTube channel in which she described her journey. She said: “It’s been a really long journey. Obviously, I had a once-professional golf career, and I crashed and burned publicly [in] front of everyone. I think people last remember me crying during a press conference because I was just such a bad golfer, and I’ve been trying to find my way and figure it out, but I just see these comments everywhere.

“Because I’m still trying to be a golfer, but they [the social media comments] are like, ‘Are you a golfer or a stripper?’”

Spiranac then shared her new name for her new career, shunning ‘Alpha Jugs’ and ‘Ti*s McGravin’ before landing on Sandy Mounds. She declared: “I get daily you know Ti*s McGee and I was thinking Shooter McGavin, maybe Ti*s McGravin or um, obviously, Alpha Jugs. That’s, that’s a classic, but I just don’t think that has the right ring to it, you know, like I just was really trying to think what felt right to me and I think we landed at a really great place.”

Of the name Sandy Mounds, Spiranac added: “It feels like me. It’s the first time in my life that I have felt like myself.”

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