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One Palworld Pal Makes Breeding The Best Pals Easy


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  • Breeding in
    is a valuable strategy to combine powerful traits and abilities of Pals for effective offspring.
  • Grizzbolt is a particularly useful Pal for breeding due to its ability to create strong and diverse lineages.
  • Capturing a Grizzbolt early in the game is advantageous for breeding, as it can be obtained earlier than other Pals with good breeding paths.



Breeding is a big part of acquiring the best Pals in Palworld, and there’s one Pal in particular that can make the process easier and more effective than ever. Although much of the fun in the game can be found through capturing Pals, relying on this technique is also a complete gamble when it comes to stats and abilities. Breeding makes it easier to combine specific powerful traits, including the transfer features and abilities that can only be found on very specific Pals in the wild.

Even for those interested in planning out breeding in Palworld, the process can still be a bit overwhelming. With well over a hundred creatures currently available in the game, each of which can have plenty of variance in stats and features, the possibilities for combining Pals for effective offspring are nearly endless. Luckily, it isn’t necessary to try every option to find out which could prove worthwhile. Thanks to the work of the community, it’s easy to narrow down which avenues are worth pursuing, and one of the most straightforward options ends up being wildly useful.


10 Coolest Palworld Breeding Combinations

Palworld features a ton of Pals of all different types, and those Pals can be combined to create new Pal types. Here are some of the coolest combos!

Grizzbolt Is Perfect For Breeding In Palworld

Palworld Preview with Grizzbolt in the center.

Palworld doesn’t exactly have a defined mascot in the way that Pokémon does with Pikachu, but one Pal that has a reasonable claim to the title is Grizzbolt. Sporting a similar yellow coloration and lightning bolt motif, Grizzbolt has appeared front and center in many promotional images for the game, with a design that balances cuddliness and ferocity in a way that effectively suits Palworld‘s marketing. It turns out that Grizzbolt is useful for a lot more than holding a minigun and smiling at the camera, however, as this Pal is hard to beat when it comes to breeding.

Grizzbolt’s efficacy in breeding is laid out in a Reddit post from user Crazyatman, who provides a series of images showing how family trees can evolve from the repeated use of Grizzbolt with a few other key Pals. Pairing Grizzbolt with Caprity, for example, will breed the powerful Anubis, and matching that offspring up with another Grizzbolt (or the same one, for the ethically unconcerned) brings about the similarly excellent Ragnahawk. To continue off of this particular line, Ragnahawk can be paired with either Anubis or Grizzbolt for further standout results, making the value proposition inarguable.

Why Using Grizzbolt For Breeding Is Great In Palworld

Which Pals are ultimately the best to get out of breeding can obviously be somewhat subjective, but declaring specific Pals as standouts isn’t entirely arbitrary. Anubis has battle prowess thanks to a dodge ability in addition to excellent mining and handiwork stats for general labor, and Ragnahawk is a flying mount that can be easily taken inside of caves with a strong fire passive for combat. The best goal to aim for when breeding Pals is building up a diverse roster that’s effective at every primary application, and Grizzbolt is the perfect key to unlocking a well-rounded lineup.

As exhibited by Crazyatman’s charts, other great Pals that can be obtained from breeding with Grizzbolt are Wump Botan, Mossanda, Petallia, Lyleen, Relaxaurus, Orserk, Astegon, and Shadowbeak. Shadowbeak might be the most exciting of the bunch, as this absolute beast of a Dark Pal can only be captured in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, which is tuned for players at endgame levels. With exceptional attack abilities and strong stats as a flying mount, it’s easy to overlook Shadowbeak’s poor performance as a worker.


How To Breed Astegon In Palworld

Astegon of Palworld is a powerful Dark and Dragon type who works as a great Pal in your party or on the base due to its stats and abilities.

How Breeding With Grizzbolt In Palworld Works

Breeding pals in Palworld

The biggest problem with the Grizzbolt breeding strategy in Palworld is that the Pal isn’t all that easy to find itself, as it’s a fairly rare spawn that can only be found in the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary area. Capturing Pals from the sanctuary is illegal, although it’s possible to dodge guards with a properly stealthy approach. Alternately, it’s possible to breed a Grizzbolt from a Rayhound and a Mossanda, which are difficult to capture until the mid-game, but can both be found more easily in the wild.

Staying on top of a flying mount is a surefire way to avoid the authorities in a Wildlife Sanctuary.

The main reason why capturing a Grizzbolt still makes a lot of sense for breeding is that it’s feasible to nab one significantly earlier than other Pals with good breeding paths. Catching one around level 20 is completely reasonable, which can’t generally be said for other Pals that might make strong choices. Getting a Grizzbolt is also something that many players will innately want to do after seeing him plastered all over marketing, so the enormous utility that the Pal has in breeding ends up just being an extra perk for anyone who prioritizes the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary.

Nabbing a Grizzbolt from the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary works out perfectly in terms of overall leveling, as breeding can’t be unlocked until level 19. A breeding farm can be unlocked from the tech tree at the cost of 100 wood, 20 stone, and 50 fiber, after which only a cake is necessary to convince a couple of Pals to produce an egg. This obviously comes with its own list of ingredients (and the necessity of a mill and cooking pot), but nothing that needs to go into a cake is particularly rare or difficult to acquire.


Palworld Preview: “For All Its Faults, It Teeters on the Edge of Early Greatness”

Palworld wears its many inspirations on both sleeves, but this monster-catching open-world survival sim could have some serious legs.

Breeding in Palworld doesn’t have to be all about optimization, and experimenting with a variety of Pals just to see what outcomes can be procured is sometimes more fun than working toward a specific end. Nevertheless, anyone looking to acquire powerful Pals ahead of time would be well-advised to make use of a Grizzbolt, as the results are hard to argue with. Breeding the best pals can require a lot of time, trial, and error, but with a single Grizzbolt at the ready, the whole process can become one of the simplest endeavors in Palworld.

Source: Crazyatman/Reddit

Palworld Game Poster


Palworld is an open-world crafting survival RPG developed by Pocket Pair Inc. and released in 2024. Set in a colorful, open-ended world, players will travel the land collecting creatures called “Pals” as they battle, build, travel across the world, and choose their path forward. From a ruthless creature boss to an anti-poaching activist hunter, players can tackle Palworld how they want.

January 19, 2024

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