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Night Country Is The Perfect Replacement For Another HBO Crime Show


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  • True Detective: Night Country is shaping up to be the best season since the original, with a potential supernatural element and strong female leads.
  • The new season shares similarities with HBO’s Mare of Easttown, both featuring small-town vibes and cases involving violence against young women.
  • Night Country breaks the trend of previous seasons by prioritizing women characters, potentially reviving interest in the show and inspiring more series like Mare of Easttown.



After five years off the air, True Detective has returned for season 4 — and Night Country is the perfect replacement for another HBO crime show that drew interest back in 2021. True Detective: Night Country promises to be the series’ best outing since season 1. Judging by True Detective season 4’s Rotten Tomatoes score, it may even be better than the original batch of episodes, though only time will tell if that’s the case. Wherever it lands on a ranking of the show’s seasons, Night Country is shaping up to be more than an average crime narrative.

True Detective: Night Country episode 1 presents many mysteries, and it looks like it could even delve into the supernatural before its six episodes are through. This alone makes for a fascinating and unsettling crime series, but the show’s two new leads — Jodie Foster’s Liz Danvers and Kali Reis’ Evangeline Navarro — promise to elevate the story further. With strong women at the helm and a genuinely gripping case, Night Country is reminiscent of another HBO series, making it an ideal replacement.

True Detective: Night Country episode 1 is streaming on Max.

True Detective: Night Country’s Is Similar To Mare Of Easttown (& That’s A Good Thing)

Just one episode of True Detective: Night Country has aired so far, but the new season is already displaying similarities to HBO’s limited series Mare of Easttown. While Night Country takes place during the dark season in Alaska, its small-town vibes are similar to those of the earlier HBO show, which is set in Chester, Pennsylvania. Both series feature difficult cases that shake an area where everyone seems to know one another. Both projects also offer commentary on the violence so often committed against young women.


True Detective Season 4 Reveals 7 Big Connections To Season 1 & Matthew McConaughey’s Rust Cohle

The anticipated premiere of True Detective: Night Country has already demonstrated several key connections to True Detective season 1 and Rust Cohle.

Kate Winslet’s jaded detective also has a few things in common with Foster’s Liz Danvers, and that offers another compelling reason to tune into Night Country. Season 4’s strong and complex female leads offer imperfect characters that viewers still feel compelled to root for. This is part of what made Mare of Easttown so great, and it’s refreshing to see another crime show capitalizing on similar strengths.

Night Country’s Mare Of Easttown Similarities Help Break A True Detective Trend


True Detective: Night Country’s similarities to Mare of Easttown help break a series trend, as season 4 is only the second outing to feature a female lead. Rachel McAdams starred in True Detective season 2, but despite the actor’s immense talent, her outing is often regarded as the weakest of the bunch. Night Country can ameliorate this by delivering a narrative that prioritizes women and is still on par with True Detective season 1. This will go a long way to revive interest in the HBO show, and it could inspire more series like Mare of Easttown.

True Detective

In this anthology series, each season follows a different detective or set of detectives as they forced to confront some horrific truths about their town and themselves. No matter the setting and characters, each detective must unravel lies and clues to solve the chilling mysteries around them.

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