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New Percy Jackson Star Says Fans Try To Drag Her For Not Being Like Alexandra Daddario, And I Get Her POV


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Percy Jackson fans, we’re in a new era of adaptations thanks to the new Disney+ series from the book author Rick Riordan. After the 2010 movie adaptation’s liberties taken with the books, Percy Jackson and the Olympians is here to bring the source material to life on a weekly basis. But as it goes with any title with a passionate fanbase, the new show’s Annabeth Chase actress has apparently received her share of flak for not being like Alexandra Daddario from the failed movies. 

When Leah Jeffries was announced as among the Percy Jackson and the Olympians cast, there was backlash due to the actress not being a white girl with blonde hair and grey eyes like the books. Here’s what the 14-year-old has to say regarding the hate she has received: 

I listen to people say things and try to tear me down. They say you are not her [Annabeth]. You can’t play her like Alexandra Daddario. But, you know what? They’re right. I’m not her, and I cannot play like her.

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