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Ji Chang-Wook, Shin Hye-Sun Rekindle Their Romance


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Popular K-drama Welcome to Samdalri aired a brand-new episode 12 on Sunday, January 7, 2024, at 10:30 p.m. KST on JTBC. The episode is also available to stream on Netflix. It documented the growing closeness between childhood best friends turned ex-lovers Cho Yong-Phil (Ji Chang-Wook) and Cho Sam-Dal (Shin Hye-Sun). The duo rekindled their romance, leaving behind years of heartbreak from their split eight years ago.

Episode 12 of Welcome to Samdalri showcased the growing romance between Cho Yong-Phil and Cho Sam-Dal. The two accepted their love for each other and continued to spend romantic moments together. However, tensions and chaos ensued after their respective parents found out about their romance. Viewers will have to wait and find out if the two manage to pass through the obstacles and stay together.

Welcome to Samdalri Episode 12: Ji Chang Wook, Shin Hye-Sun grow closer

The latest episode of Welcome to Samdalri picked up from where the previous episode left off. Cho Yong-Phil and Cho Sam-Dal finally accept their feelings for each other and rekindle their romance. Given that they are working on a project together, the two end up hiking and spending most of their time with each other. The two share laughs over a cup of ramen but craves for some kimchi. Evidently, the two get back to how they were eight years ago.

Meanwhile, Sam-Dal’s sister, Cho Jin-Dal, navigates her tumultuous relationship with her ex-husband, Jeon Dae-Young. He previously asked her to help him construct the theme park in Samdalri so that her mother, Go Mi-Ja, wouldn’t have to dive anymore, given her health condition. Their mother, on the other hand, goes looking for Sam-Dal only to find her sleeping with Yong-Phil. She decides against waking them up and returns home. Sam-Dal and Yong-Phil embrace each other tightly and fall asleep.

The following day, Sam-Dal anxiously wakes up to discover that it’s already morning and she’s slept through the night. What terrifies her more is when she finds out her mother saw her sleeping with Yong-Phil. She returns home to ask Go Mi-Ja if it’s all right for her to keep liking Yong-Phil. Her mother doesn’t answer, so Sam-Dal heads inside. Mi-Ja visits Yong-Phil’s father, Cho Sang-Tae, to talk about their children, but he insults her and leaves without a word.

While Jin-Dal attends the theme park meeting with Dae-Young, convincing the residents to let them build the park, chaos ensues after a video goes viral. Still obsessed over Sam-Dal’s success, her ex-assistant, Bang Eun-Ju, posts a video where her mother beats up Sam-Dal. Previously, Eun-Ju alleged that Sam-Dal bullied her to the extent that she wanted to take her own life. The video reaches everyone, including Samdalri residents, who grow furious over Eun-Ju.

Welcome to Samdalri Episode 11: Shin Hye-Sun has the entire town’s support, including her mother

While Bang Eun-Ju encounters issues with her assistants over her behavior, Samdalri residents vow to seek revenge on Eun-Ju. Coincidentally, Eun-Ju and Sam-Dal’s ex-boyfriend, Cheon Chung-Gi, arrive in town. Meanwhile, Go Mi-Ja is devastated at her daughter’s plight, feeling guilty for not being there for Sam-Dal. At night, the mother-daughter bond over the incident, and Sam-Dal assures she’s alright. Moreover, Yong-Phil also assures her that she’s not alone.

The following day, Sam-Dal’s friends reach the police station to file a complaint against Eun-Ju and Chung-Gi for publicizing the video. The police advise against it as it will only bring more trouble for Sam-Dal. Meanwhile, Sam-Dal’s younger sister, Hae-Dal, and her daughter meet Gong Ji-Chan, who takes them to the Dolphin Center. Hae-Dal and Ji-Chan talk about the former’s daughter. Ji-Chan reveals that she previously cried worrying about her mother during Go Mi-Ja’s accident. The mother-daughter emotionally embraces each other.

Meanwhile, the residents see Eun-Ju and Chung-Gil but remain unsure about their identities. However, after Sang-Do’s confirmation, the town charges towards the two. Go Mi-Ja also arrives while the two talk ill about Sam-Dal. She throws a bucket of vinegar at them, warning them to stay away from her daughter. After the residents, including Yong-Phil, side with Sam-Dal, she gets a boost of confidence. She challenges Eun-Ju to proceed with her evil plans.

At night, Sam-Dal and Yong-Phil discuss her personal growth after returning to the town while bonding over a ball of yarn. Apparently, he still has the yarn from the sweater she gifted him when she confessed her feelings years ago. While the two bond, Yong-Phil’s father arrives only to scold Sam-Dal for breaking her promise. Yong-Phil remains unaware of the deal between his father and Sam-Dal. His father was the one to ask Sam-Dal to break up with Yong-Phil.

To watch what happens next, don’t forget to tune in to Welcome to Samdalri next Saturday and Sunday, January 13 and 14, 2024, at 10:30 p.m. on JTBC and later on Netflix.

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