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Jets’ Robert Saleh Had the Perfect Response to Becoming a Bill Belichick Trivia Question


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Fans were amused when New York’s WNBC wrote a post on social media about Bill Belichick parting ways with the New England Patriots which mentioned that his legendary 24-year run ended with a loss to the New York Jets.

Jets coach Robert Saleh was asked about that during his weekly appearance on ESPN New York. Did it occur to him while he was coaching in Week 18 that he was facing Belichick in what turned out to be his final game with the Patriots? Or did he realize his role after the Jets’ 17–3 victory? 

“It would be an awesome Jeopardy! question,” Saleh told Peter Rosenberg.

That was a good line from Saleh. He probably will be the answer to a trivia question for years to come. And if that does become a question–or clue–on Jeopardy!, the Jets coach can relish the moment.

But Saleh likely doesn’t feel like gloating with a 1–5 career record against Belichick and the Patriots. Overall, Belichick has a 38–12 mark versus the Jets as Patriots coach. And his tenure in New England only began after he famously resigned as Jets coach after one day in 2000.

However, losing that Week 18 matchup did put one unsavory note on Belichick’s résumé. He’s now tied for the most losses by a coach in NFL history. That would also be an awesome Jeopardy! question.

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