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Jensen Ackles & Euphoria Star Suit Up As Batman And Robin Of The DCU In Epic Fan Art


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  • Jensen Ackles and Javon Walton are depicted as the new Batman and Robin in fan art for The Brave and the Bold.
  • The movie will focus on Bruce Wayne and his son, Damian.
  • The Batman reboot movie does not have a script yet, and James Gunn has said that casting rumors for The Brave and the Bold are false.



Jensen Ackles and Javon Walton become the Batman and Robin of the new DC Universe in an epic The Brave and the Bold fan art. The Batman reboot movie was announced alongside other upcoming DC movies during the reveal of the first projects of the DCU’s Chapter One. While not many The Brave and the Bold details have been revealed, the movie is confirmed to focus on Bruce Wayne getting to know his son, Damian.

On Instagram, artist @hipbeach, with help from @zippexe, pictured that dynamic with Ackles as the DCU’s Batman and Euphoria’s Walton as Robin.

Both actors are fan-favorites for their respective roles in the fan art. Ackles and Walton don sleek Batman and Robin costumes in the artwork, making a good case for how The Brave and the Bold‘s Bat-Family members should look.


26 DCU Rumors That James Gunn Has Debunked So Far

James Gunn has been very active on social media as DC Studios’ co-CEO, and he has debunked several major DCU rumors about Superman, Batman, and more.

When The Brave And The Bold’s Cast Could Be Revealed

The DCU Announcement May Take Some Time

Bruce and Damian Wayne in The Brave and the Bold promo comic book art

The Brave and the Bold has already found its director. Going from the DCEU to the new DC Universe is Andy Muschietti, who was behind the wheel for Ezra Miller’s The Flash. While The Brave and the Bold has a director attached, the Batman reboot movie might not yet have a writer, as James Gunn has revealed recently that The Brave and the Bold has no script.

With not many details revealed from the movie, several rumors have started to appear about The Brave and the Bold‘s story and who might be cast as the DCU’s Batman and Robin. Gunn even shot down a The Brave and the Bold casting rumor that claimed both actors depicted in the fan art, Ackles and Walton, had been cast as Bruce and Damian Wayne. According to Gunn, as there is no script, any casting rumors for the Batman reboot film are false.

The Brave and the Bold currently has no release date. However, based on how Gunn previously spoke about wanting two DC movies to be released every year and what films have been announced for the DCU, the Batman reboot could make its way to theaters in either 2026 or 2027. A start of filming in 2025 seems likely for The Brave and the Bold, which would leave the announcement of who will play the DCU’s Batman and Robin for the next year.

Source: @hipbeach & @zippexe/Instagram

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