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How To Get Pal Fluid In Palworld


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One of the biggest parts of the Palworld experience is building and upgrading your home base, and one particularly crucial level upgrade requires Pal Fluid. Unlike common resources such as Stone and Wood, which can be found almost anywhere, Pal Fluid is a rare resource that only drops from certain Pals out in the wild.



If you are just starting out in Palworld, spending some time building and upgrading your base camp is highly recommended. At camp, you can build and place useful objects such as crafting benches, Berry Plantations, and Ranches, which produce useful resources when worked by your Pals. The Hot Spring, which helps you keep your Pals in tip-top shape, requires Pal Fluid to build.


How To Get Wool In Palworld

Farming resources in Palworld is an important part of gameplay in the survival title. Here’s where you can farm Wool, which is used for making Cloth.

How To Get Pal Fluid In Palworld

Palworld Player Looking At Pengullet Across Grassy Field During Daytime

To obtain Pal Fluid, you need to defeat or catch Water-type Pals. Unfortunately, they are rather rare in the early game, and the only Water-type Pal you are likely to encounter near your base is the Water-/Ice-type Pengullet. These adorable penguin-like creatures are among the coolest early-game Pals you can find, but their appearance can be deceptive. They hit surprisingly hard, attacking you and your partner Pal with powerful jets of water. They are also prone to running away, making them tough to catch.

Palworld Player Capturing Pengullet In Floating Pal Sphere Near Forest And Rocky Cliffs

Luckily, they are also low-level Pals, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble catching or defeating them. Having the right Palworld starter can be useful, but ultimately, Pengullet isn’t likely to down your character unless you’re being careless. Each Pengullet drops one Pal Fluid regardless of whether you catch or defeat them, but in the early game, you should aim to catch at least a few.

This species of Pal has a talent for Watering, which makes them helpful in speeding up growth on your Berry Plantations.

How To Use Pal Fluid In Palworld

Palworld Player Watching Pengullet Relaxing In Hot Spring At Sunset

Pal Fluid is mainly used to build the Hot Spring, a useful utility block back at camp. Overall, you will require the following resources:

  • 10 Pal Fluid
  • 30 Wood
  • 15 Stone
  • 10 Paldium Fragments

The Hot Spring is mainly used to raise the Sanity (SAN) of Pals at camp. Pals gradually lose SAN over time as they work on their various camp tasks. Eventually, if their SAN is low enough, they may refuse to work, bringing your camp to a grinding halt. However, they can rest in the Hot Spring, restoring their SAN.

Other ways to keep SAN up in Palworld include feeding your Pals good food and ensuring they each have a space to sleep. However, you will need to build the Hot Spring eventually to upgrade your camp further, and it’s also well worth the resources to let your Pals take a relaxing bath after a hard day’s work.

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January 19, 2024

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