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How To Get Monstrous Tooth In Skull and Bones

How To Get Monstrous Tooth In Skull and Bones

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Getting Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones is a great way of improving your general performance on the water, as this material allows you to craft a variety of high grade components, such as weapons and even armor for your ship’s hull. Following its initial announcement back in 2017 and a series of delays due to its problematic development process, the naval action-adventure game from Ubisoft has finally arrived. The release of Skull and Bones ends a long wait and finally allows players to venture into the high seas.



At launch, you have access to up to ten different types of ships, each of which is proficient in some sort of activity. The Defender Hulk, for instance, is good at withstanding heavy damage, while the Firebrand Barge specializes in spreading fire onto enemy vessels. Regardless of the category of the ship blueprint in Skull and Bones that you prefer, it is possible to customize these boats to your preference, and depending on what type of weaponry or armor you want, you will need to farm some Monstrous Tooth.

Get Monstrous Tooth From Sea Monsters In Skull and Bones

A sea monster attacking a ship in Skull and Bones.

To get copies of Monstrous Tooth, you will have to hunt down Sea Monsters. As is registered by Game8, this process can be initiated by accepting the side contract known as “From The Deep” from the Sea People Huntmaster NPC. This character can be found in the Lanitra Outpost. The contract will send you to hunt a Sea Monster called Kuharibu in Skull and Bones, which can be found in the Western Basin, north of the Red Isle and slightly northwest of Lanitra. The task’s location should be marked on your map.

If Sea People Huntmaster is not available yet, you may have to progress a bit further into the game before returning. The mission unlocks after you have reached Ship Rank 5, according to

This can be a complicated battle, so be sure to prepare your ship accordingly so as to not lose. After you have bested Kuharibu, you should obtain its loot, which includes Monstrous Tooth. This, of course, is not your only source of the material in the game, as there are more Sea Monsters roaming the seas. A great way of locating them is by accepting side contracts in Skull and Bones that have you investigate missing ships – these can occasionally be shipwrecks caused by Sea Monsters.


AC Black Flag’s Potential Was Squandered For Skull And Bones

Ubisoft Singapore’s long-delayed pirate game Skull and Bones is no successor to Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag – but does it actually need to be?

As pointed out by Dot Esports, Sea Monsters also appear whenever a Strange Sighting event marker appears on your map. The outlet highlights that there are two types of Strange Sightings, and Whispers of the Deep is the one you should be aiming for, as this is what brings forth the respective Sea Monster hunt. Monstrous Tooth is, indeed, a rare material that provides some great benefits, but knowing where to look in Skull and Bones is the first step.

Source: Game8 (1, 2), Dot Esports

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Skull and Bones

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