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Disney’s Hercules Is Getting A Comic Book Sequel From Dynamite Comics


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  • Disney fans can look forward to a sequel comic for Hercules, following the success of previous Disney-inspired comics by Dynamite Comics. (90 characters)
  • The new Hercules comic will feature the creative team of Elliott Kalan and George Kambadais, known for their work on Spider-Man, Gargoyles, and The Daily Show. (93 characters)
  • The comic will combine elements of the myth of Pygmalion with a mystery involving Aphrodite, giving readers a fresh take on the Disney hero and the opportunity to explore more of Olympus’ gods and goddesses. (135 characters)



A sequel comic for Disney’s Hercules is coming from Dynamite Comics in Spring 2024. This is its second sequel series for a Disney hero, as well as its eleventh comic involving the animation company overall. From Disney Villains and 90s cartoon returns, Dynamite has comics for a wide variety of Disney fans.

Among its current Disney titles, Dynamite Comics has an upcoming listing for Hercules. This follows up Lilo and Stitch, which was previously its most recent Disney standalone, sequel series. This comes after the publisher’s success with its Disney Villains line and Disney Afternoon-inspired offerings.

Hercules flexing his muscles in front of an applauding crowd on the cover of Hercules #1

Thus far, Dynamite Comics’ Disney titles have included Disney Villains: Maleficent, Disney Villains: Scar, Disney Villains: Hades, Disney Villains: Cruella, Darkwing Duck, Negaduck, Darkwing Duck: Justice Ducks, Gargoyles, Gargoyles: Dark Ages, and Gargoyles: Dark Ages. Continuing these stories, they add new, original adventures. Comic-reading Disney fans have several stunning options available.


Gargoyles Kickstarter Fully Funded in 1 Day, As ‘Lost’ Series Gets a Remaster

Dynamite Comics has successfully crowdfunded reprints of three Gargoyles comic series, including lost works from the animated show’s creator.

Hercules Returns in New Dynamite Comics Series

Hercules from Dynamite Comics is slated to have the creative team of Elliott Kalan and George Kambadais. The first issue is slated for April 10. It will feature covers with art by George Kambadais, Matteo Lolli, Francesco Tomaselli, and more artists who are yet to be revealed. Kalan is known for his work on Spider-Man and the X-Men and formerly being a writer for The Daily Show. Recently, Kambadais has been working on Gargoyles. This upcoming series will be the second to focus on a Disney hero, after Lilo and Stitch. The synopsis for Hercules is as follows:


The world’s favorite demigod-turned-mortal is back, and he’s about to embark on the biggest adventure since The Odyssey! The Greek gods don’t really get why Hercules chose a mortal life over the opportunity to join them on Mt. Olympus, but since he proved his mettle as a hero many times over, they’re happy to enlist his help with missions that require interventions in the earthly realm. So when Aphrodite grants an artist’s wish that his sculpture be brought to life, Herc gets the call to clean things up when the newly conscious artwork proves to be more bone-crushingly lively than expected! But after discovering that the rogue statue is just misunderstood, and a little rambunctious (much like himself as a youth), Hercules returns to explain the situation to Aphrodite – only to find her temple empty and abandoned. Is the goddess of love just pouting, or is something more sinister afoot? If you know anything about classic mythology, you know it’s going to be the latter!

The story seems to be a fresh take on the myth of Pygmalion, a sculptor who fell in love with his statue. However, it will also go further by including a mystery involving one of Olympus’ major residents. Aphrodite did not interact with the main storyline of the animated film very much, but she was present at Hercules’ birth and during the capture of all the gods and goddesses by Hades during his hostile takeover. This upcoming series from Dynamite Comics could be the perfect opportunity to let more of Olympus’ gods and goddesses shine, while adding to the titular demigod’s legacy.

Dynamite Comics’ Revisits World of Hercules After Disney Villains: Hades Series

Hercules with Megara and Pegasus on Hercules #1 variant cover from Dynamite Comics

Disney’s Hercules released in 1997 and never received a sequel film. It had a prequel animated series, but this has since fallen to the wayside – especially given recent events in Disney Villains: Hades. Now, it will finally have a sequel, in comic form, since this takes place after the hero denied his chance at a life on Mt. Olympus to be with Megara. Based on the variant cover by Matteo Lolli, this series could feature fan-favorite supporting characters like Pegasus, Megara, and Philoctetes. Fans will be able to see the hero’s newest original adventures in the very near future.

Hercules #1 will be available on April 10 from Dynamite Comics.

Hercules #1 (2024)

Hercules flexing his muscles in front of an applauding crowd on the cover of Hercules #1

  • Writer: Elliott Kalan
  • Artist: George Kambadais
  • Cover Artist: George Kambadais

Source: Dynamite Comics

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