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Delirious Michigan Fans Take Over Streets of Ann Arbor to Celebrate National Title


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’Twas the night that Michigan won the national championship, and Wolverines fans unsurprisingly got a little … psycho.

Late Monday night, after Michigan downed Washington, 34—13, in the College Football Playoff final, the city of Ann Arbor bled maize and blue. Immediately after the Wolverines claimed their first national title in 26 years, fans poured into the streets to drink in the moment.

One fan took a video of hordes of manic Michigan fans pouring onto South University Avenue partying to The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” on full blast.

In another video, jubilant fans gathered in the streets and lit a couch on fire. Elsewhere, a few brave souls shimmied up poles and climbed trees.

The scenes in Ann Arbor could be described with one word: chaos. 

Such was to be expected after Michigan won its first national championship since the 1997 season.

For one glorious night, the maize and blue faithful celebrated their natty with Brandon Flowers’s booming vocals and the emo rock tunes of a legendary crowd-favorite ballad. Destiny was calling the Wolverines, and their fans answered with a feverish night of festivities to remember.

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by extreme hd iptv

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