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David Ayer believes ‘The Beekeeper’ emulates action classics – Film News | Film-News.co.uk


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David Ayer thinks there are similarities between ‘The Beekeeper’ and classic action movies such as ‘Die Hard’.

The 55-year-old filmmaker has helmed the new action thriller that stars Jason Statham as Adam Clay, a man living a quiet life as a beekeeper who embarks on a deadly vengeance mission, and explained that the picture has the feel of iconic 1980s films from the genre.

Asked how he got involved in the project, David told Collider: “I got this amazing script from Kurt Wimmer, and Kurt got Jason involved, and I’ve always been interested in working with Jason. I just saw so much potential and ability in him as an actor.

“And then here this script comes along, and it just felt like the movies I liked growing up, like ’48 Hrs.’, ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ or ‘Die Hard’. Just that passion and sensibility, which is really, really hard to write and really hard to structure and really hard to pull off.

“People have no idea how hard it is. So when a script comes along that has those ingredients and has that magic built in, you have to dive on it.”

David also had gushing praise for the movie’s supporting cast and described how getting the chance to work with talented actors is one of the main reasons he gets behind the camera.

The ‘Suicide Squad’ director said: “For me as a director, I love actors. That’s why I became a director, because I wanted to work with actors. They’re doing the real work, and they’re so much more creative in design.

“I can’t be in front of that camera. And so, you wanna work with the best actors possible, and it was kind of a miracle to get this cast.”

Ayer continued: “I mean, I’m shooting Minnie Driver, and she’s so amazing and has such a presence and such credibility you believe she’d be running the CIA. And it’s creating that sense of reality. Jemma Redgrave, who plays the president – incredible.

“Then obviously Jeremy Irons is gonna read the phone book and it’s gonna be (amazing). It’s like a basketball team, you want the best players you can get.”

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