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Dakota Johnson Responds To Madame Web “Spiders In The Amazon” Meme, Tries To Cut Through The Jokes


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A meme poking fun at the “spiders in the Amazon” line in the Madame Web trainer was responded to by Dakota Johnson in a recent interview.


  • Madame Web movie faces potential ridicule and disappointment, following the negative reception of Morbius.
  • Dakota Johnson, the star of Madame Web, dismisses the mocking meme about spiders in the Amazon as “silly.”
  • The movie explores the more mystical aspects of Spider-Man lore and will feature multiple Spider-People.



Madame Web star Dakota Johnson has responded to the “spiders in the Amazon” meme that has been making the rounds and is already attempting to cut through the jokes. Madame Web is the first of three Sony Spider-Man Universe movies releasing this year – which is two more than the MCU – and will hit theaters on Valentine’s Day, February 14. Dakota Johnson stars as the titular clairvoyant and will be joined by several Spider-People as the movie delves into the more mystical side of Spider-Man lore.

In an interview with @huffpostUK, shared by @chazzers_ via Twitter/X, Dakota Johnson was asked about the meme that pokes fun at the line “he was in the Amazon with my mom when she was researching spiders right before she died,” to which she responded with confusion, stating “what a silly thing.” The somewhat awkward sentence in question was quickly picked up on and began propagating via copypasta memes as audiences fear Madame Web will follow Morbius in overall quality – a movie that has been heavily ridiculed since its release in 2022. The interview can be seen below:

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Madame Web Is In Danger Of Being The New Morbius

Jared Leto as Morbius snarling in vampire mode

Sony’s Spider-Man Universe hit a significant speed bump with the ill-fated release of Morbius. The movie was an overall flop (despite being released twice), and was on the receiving end of several derisive memes – the most famous of which referencing the nonexistent line “it’s morbin’ time.” The writing for the movie was widely criticized

Key Release Dates

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