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Critics Have Seen Madame Web, And They’re Brutal On Dakota Johnson And Sydney Sweeney’s New Movie


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Cinematic Universes are the order of the day in the superhero movie world, but all of them seem to be having problems. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is still trying to find itself post-Infinity War. The DCU is going in for the full reboot treatment, and Sony’s Spider-Manless live-action Spider-Verse, is still running in place. Madame Web the latest entry in the franchise is a movie nobody asked for, and even Sony doesn’t seem sure why it exists.

I was one critic who was…lucky(?) enough to see Madame Web to review, and I just found the movie a complete mess. Despite some potentially interesting characters, none of them are allowed to actually be interesting. Instead, they simply fill out their roles in a trope bingo card. As I said in the Madame Web CinemaBlend review

Every scene seems to exist to exposit on a character’s motivations, give us a character revelation, or provide a setup for something that clearly will need to be paid off later. As a result, none of the dialogue or the protagonists feel natural.

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