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Chilling moment ‘police officer tells Jewish man to hide Star of David’ during protest | UK | News


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A viral video captured the moment a Jewish man appears to be asked to hide his Star of David during a pro-Palestine protest in Edinburgh.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism has criticised Police Scotland after an officer is alleged to have warned a bystander that the protesters could get “very, very angry” if they spot the symbol on him.

The man insisted that he would continue wearing his star regardless, and in the video of the incident, can apparently be heard saying: “I don’t see a problem with showing my Judaism”.

The video of the alleged incident has been met with outrage by those who accusied the police of “appeasing” protesters rather than ‘protecting minorities from violence’.

Approaching the man with the Star of David, the officer appears to say: “You’re not doing anything wrong, you’re not doing anything illegal.

“If people see your Star, they will get very very angry. I’m just making you aware that that may trigger these people, because obviously as I understand you’re sitting on different sides of the fence.”

The video appears to show him saying: “That’s my only concern, that the star will set them off and cause an argument – there’s only three of us here, it might be difficult for us to manage the situation.”

“I don’t want to argue or engage with anyone,” the man responded. “It is my religion, I am Jewish, so I don’t see a problem with showing my Judaism.”

“I agree, that’s absolutely fine. I’m sure you can appreciate for them,” the officer responded, with the man interrupting to ask: “It triggers them?”

“It triggers them,” the policeman appears to confirm.

The officer then appears to ask if he wouldn’t mind tucking it under his jumper, to which he responds that “yes, he would mind that”.

“I’m not trying to get you in trouble or anything,” the man added. “I don’t want to engage with anyone here. If someone is triggered, I think they need to learn how to control their emotions.”

To which the officer finally said: “I appreciate that, just keep that in mind then, it’s a large group, over 1,000 people.”

The Campaign Against Antisemitism, who posted the video, said: “The police officer is clearly worried that he and his colleagues are heavily outnumbered and that these protesters could pose a threat to Jews, but his response was effectively to stop a passing Jewish man and ask him to hide his identity before continuing on his way.”

One X user said: “We don’t protect minorities by telling them to hide so as not to cause trouble. This is shameful,” while another added: “Britain. In 2024. Utterly f***ing shameful.”

Islamist terrorism researcher Khaled Hassan alluded to the Holocaust in his response, saying: “I’ve really had enough. Jews have no future in Britain. Seeing a Star of David will apparently get the disgusting mob “very angry” and “triggered”….and this comes from a state official, a police officer, openly telling us that they suspect the mob is highly antisemitic and potentially violent.

“Can he tell a Muslim woman to take off her Hijab because it might trigger anyone or make them very angry? Pretty soon, we will all be writing our diaries from an attic!”

Scottish Conservative shadow justice secretary Russell Findlay said: “It’s chilling to hear a police officer in Scotland warning a member of the public about a possible risk to their safety simply because they’re wearing a symbol of their religious faith.

“While the officer may have been seeking to maintain public safety, such an interaction will be of concern to Jewish people whose right to freedom of religious expression should be sacrosanct and no different to those of any other faith group.

“Anyone who might be ‘triggered’ by a Star of David has no right to break the law and the police should robustly deal with any antisemitism in our communities.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson told Express.co.uk: “We are aware of the video and the contents are being reviewed.”

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