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Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft Ended Final Press Conference With Really Awkward Moment


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Bill Belichick’s last New England Patriots press conference started with a joke, but it ended with one of the more awkward moments of the franchise’s recent history.

At noon on Thursday, the former Pats coach formally announced he was parting ways with New England, thanking the fans for their support over the last two decades and stoically telling reporters, “I’ll always be a Patriot.” 

Toward the end of the press conference, owner Robert Kraft shook Belichick’s hand at the podium and brought him in for a hug.

Belichick’s final words were, “Thanks, Robert.” Kraft then turned to address the reporters and said, “He’s got a cold, so I’m not going to kiss him,” causing Belichick to crack an awkward smile.

Belichick’s legendary 24-season tenure in Foxborough included 296 total wins, 17 AFC East titles, and six Super Bowls. Setting aside the historic numbers, the 71-year-old’s career is sprinkled with a litany of iconic moments from his uncharacteristic excitement over Tom Brady’s fourth-down run to his cheeky challenge flag spike in front of an NFL official to, now, the awkward side-arm-hug-near-kiss moment with Robert Kraft.

What a way to end his Patriots’ career.

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