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Bad Batch Star Hints At How High The Stakes Are In Season 3


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  • The stakes are higher in The Bad Batch season 3 due to Palpatine’s interest in the cloning program.
  • Omega is caught in the middle of Palpatine and Dr. Hemlock’s cloning experiments, making her important to their plans.
  • Nala Se cares for Omega and is being coerced into helping Dr. Hemlock due to the threat to Omega’s life.



One of the stars of Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3 has explained why the stakes are so much higher in the show’s third and final season – and Palpatine has a big role to play. The Bad Batch has, throughout its tenure, been instrumental in connecting the events of the Star Wars prequel era with the events of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Above all, it has proven that Palpatine’s cloning plans were set into motion long before the Rebellion began to take shape. Clone Force 99 has, unfortunately, been forced to get involved.

Speaking exclusively to Screen Rant, Dee Bradley Baker, who voices the majority of the Bad Batch clones, explained that the stakes were much higher this time, implying that Palpatine’s interest in the cloning program is a driving force behind the season’s narrative:

“But then you lose [Omega], and then you lose Crosshair, and so again there’s this vacuum that’s pulling everyone apart, and the forces are then to get everything back together again. So they’ve gotta go back in, they’ve gotta get her and hopefully Crosshair, we’ll see how that plays out – as we also learn that this is also very important, it has the interest of the Emperor, and that doesn’t look good.”

At the end of The Bad Batch season 2, Omega was captured by Dr. Hemlock, the leading scientist in the Empire’s Advanced Science Division. He, much like Palpatine, has an unsettling interest in cloning, and Omega is now caught in the middle of their horrific experiments.


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Why Is Omega So Important To Palpatine’s Cloning Plan?

Star Wars The Bad Batch Omega and Palpatine Clone from Rise of Skywalker.

Thankfully, the season 2 finale of The Bad Batch showed audiences that Omega wasn’t in any immediate danger. Instead of being a test subject for Palpatine’s Force-sensitive clones – like Grogu was – Omega is instead being used as leverage. Dr. Hemlock needs the help of chief Kaminoan scientist Nala Se to fulfill Palpatine’s wishes; she was part of the project that created Clone Force 99 and a chief scientific adviser on Kamino’s overall cloning program. Hemlock needed Nala Se to co-operate, and so had to find something, or someone, to coerce her into helping with his research.

In her own strange way, Nala Se cares for Omega. Whether that is because she truly cares about Omega as a person or because of Omega’s unique status amongst the clones is still unclear. Either way, Hemlock discovered that he could “persuade” Nala Se to join his research efforts by threatening Omega’s life. Omega may not be facing an immediate threat (The Bad Batch season 3 trailer implies that she’s been waiting to be rescued for “a long time”), but Palpatine is not a benevolent man. As long as he’s calling the shots, anything can happen in Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3.

Star Wars The Bad Batch Season 3 Poster Showing a Painted Battle Damaged Clone Helmet

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is an action-adventure animated series set after the events of The Clone Wars, following Clone Force 99 (a.k.a. the Bad Batch.) Finding themselves immune to the brainwashing effects of Order 66, the Bad Batch become mercenaries for hire while outrunning the empire, now seeing them as fugitives of the law.

Release Date
May 4, 2021

Dee Bradley Baker , Michelle Ang , Noshir Dalal , Liam O’Brien , Rhea Perlman , Sam Riegel , Bob Bergen , Gwendoline Yeo


Dave Filoni , Jennifer Corbett

Jennifer Corbett , Dave Filoni , Matt Michnovetz , Tamara Becher , Amanda Rose Munoz , Gursimran Sandhu , Christian Taylor , Damani Johnson

Brad Rau , Steward Lee , Nathaniel Villanueva , Saul Ruiz

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