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Are Debbie & Russ Still Together?


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  • Key takeaways:
  • Debbie met Russ on a dating app and lied about her age, but later came clean. He expressed interest in a second date.
  • Debbie developed a close bond with Russ and he gave her hope for a future relationship.
  • Debbie is keeping her current relationship with Russ hush-hush on social media, suggesting it may be serious.



90 Day: The Single Life star Debbie Aguero has found a new love interest in season 4 after her split with Oussama Berber. Debbie, 67, and Oussama, 24, had the biggest age gap in the 90DF franchise during their 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way debut. Debbie from Georgia and Oussama from Morocco had met each other on social media when the poet started praising Debbie’s art. Debbie had been single for 12 years since her divorce from her second ex-husband. Debbie’s second ex had cheated on her and the revelation had left Debbie shattered.

Debbie had thought Oussama was going to be her husband. Debbie hadn’t thought in her wildest dreams that she’d be on the dating scene looking for a new man. Debbie wanted a man who was looking for the beauty within. Debbie believed that beauty would eventually fade sooner or later and she wanted to wake up every day next to a good person. Debbie decided to sign up on an online dating site. Debbie’s son Julian wondered if Debbie was going to meet another Oussama.


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How Did Debbie Meet Russ?

Debbie and Russ in a still from 90 Day: The Single Life at a date for monster golf

Debbie told Julian that she had met a “nice man.” She said that his name was Russ and he lived locally. Debbie decided to set up a dating profile to meet the right kind of man who would be perfect for her. She told herself “No more boys” since Debbie was looking for a “Real man” that she could look up to and respect. Debbie began texting Russ after connecting with him on the dating app. Screenshots of her messages with Russ showed him calling Debbie “gorgeous” and telling her that he missed her. Russ wanted to meet Debbie in person after talking to her on the phone a few times.

Biggest Red Flags In Debbie & Russ’ Relationship

Debbie from 90 Day The single life with mystery man

Russ’ age was around 60. However, Debbie had lied to him about her age and told Russ she was 57. Debbie felt terribly guilty for lying to Russ. She was scared that if she put her real age as 67, nobody was going to want to meet her. Debbie’s son thought online dating was a bad idea for Debbie. He didn’t want anyone to take advantage of Debbie. However, Debbie had a good feeling while going on the date even though Russ was going to take her to play mini-golf. Debbie had pictured an enchanted evening with wine and dinner. Mini-golf was not her ideal date scenario.

Debbie did not approve of lying to herself, but she didn’t want to be written off because of her age. She said she observed that Russ was self-assured and sincere. She decided to come clean to Debbie about her real age. Russ said he was surprised that Debbie lied, but he did “get it.” Debbie told Russ about her online romance with the 24-year-old Oussama once they sat down for drinks. Russ took time to process the information that Debbie had spilled on their first date itself. He seemed to be too overwhelmed by Debbie’s past, but Debbie felt obligated to tell him the truth.

Is Debbie From 90 Day Fiancé Still Single?

Debbie wondered if she’d scared Russ by oversharing her past. However, Russ did express an interest in meeting Debbie again for a second date. During the preview for 90 Day: The Single Life episode 4, Debbie revealed she and Russ had been talking every day and developed a really close bond in a short amount of time.He’s given me hope,” said Debbie as the cameras caught her at the pharmacy with Julian picking up what looked like lubricants. Meanwhile, Debbie is keeping things hush-hush on social media at the moment, even though she could be in a serious relationship with Russ by now.

90 Day: The Single Life airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on TLC.

Source: Debbie Aguero/Instagram

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