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An Upcoming Netflix K-Drama Is One Of The Most Exciting Live-Action Manga Adaptations In Years


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  • Parasyte: The Grey is an upcoming live-action K-drama adaptation of the critically acclaimed manga series Parasyte.
  • The K-drama will feature a new story based on the world of Parasyte, with different characters and a different setting.
  • The director, Yeon Sang-ho, has a strong track record in helming horror shows and movies, making the adaptation exciting and promising.



An upcoming horror K-drama from Netflix is one of the most interesting live-action manga adaptations in years. Netflix is not strange to adapting popular manga or anime into live-action movies and TV shows, although many of them did not work. Still, whereas movies like Death Note (2017) or series like Cowboy Bebop (2021) failed, hits like Alice in Borderland and One Piece season 1 proved that it can be done. Whether they are direct adaptations of the source material or just something based on that world, live-action anime properties usually have a lot of potential.

Although there have been K-dramas based on manga before, this is not something that happens very often, especially for major titles that have already received anime adaptations. Netflix’s 2024 K-drama slate includes a lot of promising titles, but one recently announced series based on a very popular anime property stands out. Whether this new Netflix manga adaptation will work remains to be seen, its premise does sound exciting.

Parasyte Is Getting A Live-Action K-Drama Adaptation

Parasyte: The Grey from director Yeon Sang-ho

Parasyte, the critically acclaimed manga series by Hitoshi Iwaak published between 1989 and 1994, is getting a live-action K-drama adaptation in 2024. Parasyte: The Grey is being helmed by Yeong Sang-wo and will be the third live-action interpretation of Iwaak’s manga, the first two being the theatrical films from 2014 and 2015. Parasyte: The Grey is set to premiere in the second quarter of 2024 and is being described as an original story based on the world of Parasyte. The cast is led by Jeon So-nee, most known for Our Blooming Youth and When My Love Blooms.

Parasyte: The Grey
will follow Jeong Su-in, the female lead who will combine herself with a mysterious organism​​​​​​.

The Parasyte manga tells the story of Shinichi Izumi, who is infected with a mysterious parasite of alien origin that combines itself with the boy and replaces his hand. Shinichi’s parasite is not the only one that has arrived on Earth, and most of them take over a person’s body completely while killing them in the process. Parasyte, which also received an anime adaptation in the form of the highly popular Parasyte -the maxim-, is a great story with philosophical themes that can make for a fantastical horror K-drama series if adapted correctly.

How Parasyte: The Grey Is Different From Previous Parasyte Live-Action Adaptations

Parasyte: The Grey will tell an original story based on Parasyte

A person becoming a monster in Parasyte The Grey

While Parasyte: The Grey sounds very exciting, it must be noted that it will not be a retelling of the manga. In other words, Parasyte: The Grey is not a direct live-action anime adaptation show like One Piece or Yu Yu Hakusho but rather something based on the world created by Hitoshi Iwaak. Parasyte: The Grey will not be about Shinichi, nor will it take place in Japan. Instead, it will follow brand new characters in a story that will not be necessarily tied to the events of the manga, which is actually good news.

The live-action Parasyte movies already delivered a one-to-one adaptation of the manga, recreating iconic scenes and covering most of Shinichi’s journey beat by beat. Between the manga, the anime, and the live-action movies, the original Parasyte story has been told in three different media already. Having a Korean TV show based on Parasyte’s premise but with a new set of characters placed in a different setting will allow this new series to set itself apart from previous adaptations, resulting in a new interpretation of the manga. It also helps avoid direct comparisons between the K-drama and the anime.

Why Parasyte: The Grey Sounds So Exciting

Parasyte: The Grey’s director has done great horror shows before

People turning into monsters in Parasyte The Grey

Yeon Sang-ho, the director behind Parasyte: The Grey, has helmed some great movies and TV shows, including JUNG_E, Hellbound, and Peninsula, all of which show he is a great pick for a series that combines horror, sci-fi, and philosophical discussions. Any Parasyte adaptation, especially one that is taking some of the manga’s concepts and placing them on a different story, needs to have a distinct creative vision behind it. Therefore, Yeon Sang-ho helming Parasyte: The Grey makes it instantly exciting. Additionally, the idea of a different Parasyte story that follows completely new characters is very promising.


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Parasyte: The Grey will follow Jeong Su-in, the female lead who will combine herself with a mysterious organism. Whether this upcoming K-drama adaptation of Parasyte will tie into the original story or even reference it in any way or form is difficult to say, but it should not be necessary. It can be argued that other live-action anime adaptations, such as Death Note or Ghost in the Shell, would have benefited from taking just the concept of their source materials and telling new stories inspired by it. Hopefully, this approach will work for Parasyte: The Grey.

Source: Netflix

Parasyte -the maxim is streaming on Crunchyroll.

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