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Alien TV Show Writer Addresses Whether Ridley Scott’s Infamous Prequels Will Be Canon To Story


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  • Writer Noah Hawley aims to bring back the retro-futuristic aesthetic and simpler Xenomorph lore of the early Alien movies.
  • Hawley confirms that the events of Prometheus won’t be “useful” for his story in the new series.
  • The focus of the Alien TV series and the upcoming movie Alien: Romulus is returning to the older values and aesthetics of the franchise.



Alien television series writer Noah Hawley reveals whether later franchise additions like Prometheus will have an impact on the sci-fi prequel show. The Fargo and Legion writer was recruited to create a new tale on Earth far from the involvement of Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley. Starring Sydney Chandler, Alex Lawther, Essie Davis, Samuel Blenkin, Adash Gourdarv, Kit Young, and Timothy Olyphant, production was halted in August 2023 due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, but it is expected to continue filming throughout early 2024.

While Hawley’s Alien TV series is in the midst of development, the writer opened up to KCRW’s The Business podcast (via The Hollywood Reporter) about his approach to the Xenomorph saga. When asked how much the later installments, such as the 2012 prequel Prometheus, would influence the new show, Hawley stated he chose to focus on the earlier movie’s retro-futuristic aesthetic and simpler Xenomorph lore, as opposed to the more advanced technology and expansive technology featured in Ridley Scott’s later contributions to the franchise. Check out Hawley’s full explanation below:

“Ridley and I have talked about this — and many, many elements of the show. For me, and for a lot of people, this ‘perfect life form’ — as it was described in the first film — is the product of millions of years of evolution that created this creature that may have existed for a million years out there in space. The idea that, on some level, it was a bioweapon created half an hour ago, that’s just inherently less useful to me. And in terms of the mythology, what’s scary about this monster, is that when you look at those first two movies, you have this retro-futuristic technology. You have giant computer monitors, these weird keyboards … You have to make a choice. Am I doing that? Because in the prequels, Ridley made the technology thousands of years more advanced than the technology of Alien, which is supposed to take place in those movies’ future. There’s something about that that doesn’t really compute for me. I prefer the retro-futurism of the first two films. And so that’s the choice I’ve made — there’s no holograms. The convenience of that beautiful Apple store technology is not available to me.”

How Alien‘s Future Is A Return To The Franchises’ Past

The Alien Queen screaming in Aliens

The Alien TV series is only one element of the franchise’s two-part return to prominence after the Xenomorph menace has laid dormant since the release of 2017’s Alien: Covenant. A standalone movie titled Alien: Romulus is also set to hit theaters in summer 2024 after being elevated from a Hulu release. The movie will be helmed by Fede Álvarez, who directed 2013’s Evil Dead remake and 2016’s Don’t Breath.

With both the Alien TV series and Alien: Romulus, there is a keen focus on returning to the older values and aesthetics of the franchise. Star Cailee Spaeny revealed that Alien: Romulus is set in the 57 years between Alien and Aliens. Meanwhile, the Alien TV show is set a mere 30 years before the Nostromo would find the Space Jockey vessel in the original movie. By bringing their events so close to the original Nostromo incident, both projects will clearly lean more heavily into both the grungier, industrial Weyland Yutani settings, focusing on individuals caught between Xenomorph infestations and being played by the soulless corporation.

While Alien and Aliens stand as highly celebrated features to this day, later installments in the Alien franchise have proven to be more divisive. As such, Hawley’s aim to return to the early retro-futuristic aesthetic and more unknowable Xenomorph threat can help create a wider appeal for the franchise’s audience. Furthermore, with Hawley stating he had been in conversation with Scott over where the Alien TV series would focus, it is possible later lore could be revisited should both the series and Alien: Romulus spawn a Xenomorph renaissance.

Alien: Romulus will be released in theaters on August 24.

Source: KCRW’s The Business (via The Hollywood Reporter)

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