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After Hearing Cillian Murphy And Peaky Blinders Creator’s Updates About Their Much-Anticipated Movie Follow-Up, I’m Still Feeling Dubious About It


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Cillian Murphy has had a busy year, what with starring in the biggest biopic of all time as J. Robert Oppenheimer in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer. But is that much-rumored Peaky Blinders movie in the actor’s near future? Well, a recent update from Peaky Blinders creator Steve Knight will get fans’ hopes up. 

Murphy, of course, portrayed Birmingham gangster leader Tommy Shelby in the British crime drama for six seasons on the BBC. (U.S. fans can check it out with a Netflix subscription.) The series ended in 2022 with—spoiler alert!—Tommy Shelby realizing that he was, in fact, not dying of a brain tumor and making a new start for himself by burning all of his possessions and riding off on a white stallion. It was a finale that seemingly left the door open for a potential Peaky follow-up film. 

What Steve Knight has to say about that Peaky Blinders movie

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