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After 90 Day Fiancé Fans Cast Doubt On Cancer Diagnosis Fundraiser, Mary Denuccio Claps Back

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The 90 Day Fiancé fandom is split after some don’t know what to make of a reported cancer diagnosis by a recent cast member. Not long after Brandan and Mary Denuccio began raising money for the latter’s alleged colon cancer, some began to cast doubt that an official diagnosis was ever made. Their actions have prompted a heated response from Mary, who clapped back at those doubting her. 

Brandan and Mary were part of The Other Way Season 5 cast and, after getting married, welcomed their daughter Midnight into the world. Fans were initially alarmed to hear about the news of Mary’s colon cancer, but as time went on, more details emerged that raised eyebrows. The questions led to a since-deleted Facebook update that’s making rounds (via Reddit) in which the couple admitted she hadn’t received an official diagnosis from a doctor but self-diagnosed after watching a video on TikTok.

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by extreme hd iptv

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