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A24 Releases an Iron Claw Tie-In Comic from Acclaimed Cartoonist Jim Rugg


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  • Acclaimed cartoonist Jim Rugg has created a comic-book tie-in for A24’s movie The Iron Claw about the Von Erich family.
  • The comic retells the 1982 Christmas Cage Match between Kerry Von Erich and Ric Flair, a defining moment in pro-wrestling history.
  • A24’s zine publication, curated by different filmmakers, now includes this special issue featuring Rugg’s comic and is a must-have for fans.



The Iron Claw has already gotten a fair amount of Oscar buzz since being released, and now A24’s dramatic retelling of the Von Erich family is getting its very own comic book tie-in. Cartoonist Jim Rugg has created his own Von Erich comic story included in the latest A24 zine, dedicated to the production company’s latest movie chronicling the rise and fall of a pro-wrestling dynasty.

Rugg shared the news via his Instagram account, where the acclaimed cartoonist provided a look at the special issue edited by The Iron Claw’s writer/director Sean Durkin. Consisting of newspaper articles and family photos of the real-life Von Erichs, this is the twenty-fourth installment of A24’s zine publication.

Rugg’s comic contribution to the zine retells the story of the legendary 1982 Christmas Cage Match between Kerry Von Erich and Ric Flair, one of the defining moments that led to one of professional wrestling’s all-time greatest feuds.


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The Iron Claw Gets a Comic-Book Tie-in Thanks to Cartoonist Jim Rugg

Telling the story of wrestler Fritz Von Erich and his sons Kevin, David, Kerry, and Mike, The Iron Claw brings a tragic tale to life as it chronicles the rise and fall of some of the biggest names to ever step into the squared circle. Wrestling for their father, the Von Erich brothers became the biggest stars of World Class Championship Wrestling, with their matches against the likes of the Fabulous Freebirds and Ric Flair standing the test of time. The Von Erichs were so popular in their heyday that they found themselves starring in their very own comic book in 1989, Saga of the Von Erich Warriors, which saw the brothers abducted into outer space and forced to fight against evil aliens.

Rugg is certainly the perfect choice to tell a side-story tying in to The Iron Claw movie. As one of the co-hosts of the popular Cartoonist Kayfabe YouTube channel with fellow cartoonist Ed Piskor, Rugg is at the forefront of current comic book makers. With titles like Street Angel and Afrodisiac, Rugg utilizes various revolutionary methods to bring his stories to life on the comic-book page, which the cartoonist got to show off recently at Marvel Comics with the publication of Hulk: Grand Design. Rugg is also a noted fan of pro-wrestling, even going so far as to self-publish his own zine of wrestling drawings and comics.

Jim Rugg Is the Perfect Choice For a Pro-Wrestling Comic Tie-in

Two comic book pages in a spread: Ric Flair versus Kerry Von Erich, Christmas Cage Match 1982.

A24 has been producing tie-in zines for its movies for a few years now, each one curated by a different filmmaker, and the latest installment is perhaps the most exciting thanks to this all-new comic-book story by one of the best cartoonists currently working. Jim Rugg’s contribution makes A24’s latest zine, connected to 2023’s The Iron Claw, a can’t-miss item for fans of comics, pro-wrestling and well-designed publications.

The Von Erichs Zine by Sean Durkin – Issue #24 is available now from A24.

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