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7 Surprise Karate Kid Reunions That Could Happen In Cobra Kai Season 6

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  • Cobra Kai season 6 will wrap up characters’ stories, possibly for good, offering a last chance for reunions.
  • Reunions in Cobra Kai have included past characters like Chozen, Bobby, and Daniel’s old girlfriends.
  • With potential reunions teased for characters like Bobby, Dutch, Jessica, and Mike Barnes, season 6 looks promising.



Cobra Kai has brought a lot of old Karate Kid characters together, but there are still a few that could use a reunion going into season 6. As the final season of the spinoff series, this next installment will wrap up the characters’ stories, possibly for good. Though other Karate Kid series and movies are sure to come, we don’t know who will be included and who will be left behind. Therefore, Cobra Kai season 6 may be the last chance to reunite characters who haven’t seen one another since The Karate Kid.

Netflix’s Cobra Kai is all about bringing old favorites from The Karate Kid back together. Of course, this started with Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, who had been rivals in the original 1984 movie. From there, Johnny was reunited with his sensei, John Kreese, and his Cobra Kai pals, Bobby, Tommy, and Jimmy. The series has been full of reunions for Daniel as well, with various episodes seeing him meet up with his old villains, Chozen, Mike Barnes, and Terry Silver, as well as girlfriends like Allison, Kumiko, and Jessica. So, who will be next in Cobra Kai season 6?


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7 Bobby Brown & Daniel LaRusso

Daniel & Bobby have yet to interact in Cobra Kai

Ron Thomas as Bobby in church with Johnny, holding his hands together and looking up in prayer in a scene from Cobra Kai.

Bobby, Johnny’s old friend in The Karate Kid, was brought into the mix in Cobra Kai season 2. It was revealed that Bobby became a pastor in the 40 years since he had been one of John Kreese’s students. Despite being a bully, this made a bit of sense since he was seen to have a greater conscience than the others, frequently trying to hold Johnny back and even apologizing to Daniel at the end. Though Johnny and Bobby reunited, Daniel never got to see this character again in Cobra Kai.

Bobby hasn’t been seen since Cobra Kai season 3, but it’s certainly possible he will be brought back for the final season. It would be interesting to see him and Daniel reunited, especially since the former karate kid needing guidance from an old Cobra Kai bully would be perfectly ironic.

6 Johnny Lawrence & Dutch

Duch is the only one of Johnny’s friends not to appear in Cobra Kai.

Cobra kai season 5 dutch karate kid

Johnny was reunited with all his friends but Dutch in Cobra Kai season 2. The character, who was played by Chad McQueen in The Karate Kid, was revealed to have been sent to prison at some point during the 40-year gap between the 1984 movie and Cobra Kai season 2. In truth, McQueen declined the invitation to return because he had retired from acting and began a career as a racecar driver. Still, something might have changed for the man since then, which could mean that McQueen, and therefore Dutch, could be reunited with Johnny on Cobra Kai season 6.

5 Jessica Andrews & Mike Barnes

Mike & Jessica have been teased to reunite in Cobra Kai season 6.

A reunion between Jessica Andrews and Mike Barnes in Cobra Kai season 6 seems the most likely since it was teased by one of the stars. Actor Robyn Lively took to Twitter after the official confirmation for the upcoming season, sharing a picture of her and costar Sean Kenan in celebration. Their characters, Jessica (Daniel’s short-term girlfriend) and Mike Barnes (Daniel’s rival) had both been in The Karate Kid part 3, and they each appeared in Cobra Kai season 5 without ever being in the same room. However, Lively’s Tweet hits that his could change.

4 Mike Barnes & John Kreese

Terry Silver Wasn’t Mike’s only villainous sensei in The Karate Kid Part 3.

In The Karate Kid Part 3, Mike Barnes had been Terry Silver’s pet. However, they were enemies during their reunion in Cobra Kai season 5, when Silver burned down Barnes’ furniture store, and the man sought revenge by attacking his old teacher at his home. Of course, Silver wasn’t the only adult villain of the third Karate Kid movie. John Kreese was around then, too, but he never had a chance to reunite with Barnes since he was in prison throughout season 5. However, since Kreese will be newly escaped at the start of Cobra Kai season 6, he and Barnes may be brought back together.

3 Chozen Toguchi & Toshio

Chozen can reunite with his friend Toshio in Cobra Kai season 6.

Chozen and his friends in The Karate Kid Part 2

Chozen is another Karate Kid villain who managed to find redemption in Cobra Kai. He has since become one of the more lovable characters, and with the reveal in Cobra Kai season 5 that he is in love with Kumiko driving his plot forward, it would be interesting to see Chozen return to Japan—or perhaps receive some visitors in the United States. This could mean a chance for the converted villain to reunite with Toshio, his old friend and right-hand man in The Karate Kid Part 2. Toshio is among those who have yet to make an appearance in Cobra Kai, so this reunion would be extra special.

2 Daniel LaRusso & Dennis

Dennis was another minor antagonist Daniel had to face in the Karate Kid franchise.

Mike Barnes and Dennis in The Karate Kid Part 3

Dennis is yet another villainous pupil of Terry Silver and one of the characters who has yet to make an appearance in Cobra Kai. In The Karate Kid Part 3, Dennis was who trained Mike Barnes and accompanied the villain to Mr. Miyagi’s Little Trees to trash the place. Since this was a particularly dark time for Daniel, it might be interesting to see him and Dennis bury the hatchet 40 years later. This would be especially interesting if Mike Barnes’ character is to continue being present in Cobra Kai season 6.

1 Master Li & Mr. Han

Bringing Master Li and Mr. Han together could build into the upcoming Karate Kid movie.

Until recently, the 2010 The Karate Kid remake was thought to be part of a different universe within the franchise. However, the reveal that Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan would star in a new The Karate Kid movie changed this. It’s unclear how these stories would be brought together since Daniel and Chan’s character, Mr. Han, have never met. However, a prominent theory is that the groundwork for this film will be laid in Cobra Kai season 6. If Chan’s Mr. Han appeared in the Netflix series’ final season, the new movie would be easier to swallow.

Chan and Macchio’s Karate Kid movie has a planned release date of December 13, 2024.

If this happens, it would be an excellent opportunity for Mr. Han to be reunited with another character from the 2010 The Karate Kid movie—Master Li. Since Cobra Kai is all about villain redemptions, this would make sense. Master Li was the counterpart to John Kreese, who ruled over his students with an iron fist and a lack of morals. If Cobra Kai were to bring Li and Kreese together, it would mean the perfect opportunity for Mr. Han and Daniel LaRusso to team up. Additionally, it would mean another great Karate Kid reunion in the Netflix series.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Poster

Cobra Kai

Set decades after the events of the Karate Kid franchise, Cobra Kai shifts gears and puts viewers into the perspective of a former rival/antagonist, Johnny Lawrence. In his 50s and down on his luck, a chance encounter with a bullied young man leads Johnny back to Karate. Agreeing to help him, Johnny takes the opportunity to revive his former home, the Cobra Kai dojo – becoming a refuge for outcast teens.

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