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11 Beast Boy Moments That Perfectly Honor the Titans’ Fallen Hero


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  • Beast Boy’s tragic death and transformation into a mindless threat to the DC Universe kickstarts the gamechanging Beast World crossover storyline.
  • Beast Boy has long been one of the Titans most beloved members, both by readers and other members of the team; however, his time as a DC hero has not been without its struggles, which he has always managed to overcome.
  • Beast Boy’s first appearance with the Teen Titans solidified his role as a definitive member of the team, with overwhelming approval from readers for the new character, something that has only grown in the years since.



2023 proved to be a monumental year for Beast Boy. Over the course of the year, Beast Boy was on the verge of death at the hands of Deathstroke, recovered to join the front line of DC as the Titans replaced the Justice League as the Universe’s premiere superteam, and most recently, died tragically, inciting the Beast World crossover storyline.

Needless to say, Beast Boy has come a long way from the cheeky changeling creature he was first introduced as, known for his early adventures with the Doom Patrol, then the Teen Titans. To truly understand the Beast Boy character, one must chronicle the most important moments to happen throughout his journey. By the same token, going through his journey thus far gives readers the perfect opportunity to mourn who Beast Boy once was, as they eagerly anticipate what he is becoming, and what that means for the DC Universe. Below are 11 moments that perfectly honor the fallen Titans hero.

Death and Rebirth For Beast World

Titans: Beast World #1

First and foremost, this list is the direct result of the tragedy that befell Gar. Going into the start of the Beast World event, the Titans find themselves facing Necrostar. Beast Boy’s plan to retaliate is to transform into Garro, his version of Starro, a cosmic villain who has terrorized the Justice League for years. The plan goes haywire when new villain Doctor Hate intervenes, wiping out Beast Boy’s mind completely, resulting in Gar’s death, for all intents and purposes. What remains is a virtually mindless, monstrous supervillain, whose spores spread Beast Boy’s transformative powers across the planet, turning many of DC’s heroes and villains into anthropomorphic animals.

2023’s Titans: Beast World #1 was written by Tom Taylor and drawn by Ivan Reis.

“You Can’t Escape Your Troubles, I Tried.”

Teen Titans (Vol. 6) #19

Beast Boy tells Joran about the Teen Titans
Teen Titans #19

Beast Boy meets Joran, a complicated villain, who only wants the best for him. Their blossoming relationship becomes a problem when she uses her mind-hacking tech to convince Gar that the Titans are his enemies, compelling him to attack them. Once he breaks control, he tries to get through that she doesn’t need to use her tech to escape reality. As a frequent comic relief character, no one knows about trying to avoid reality quite like Beast Boy does. He illustrates that in a heartbreaking monologue, where he admits that every joke he cracks is his way to avoid the seriousness that life offers.

Teen Titans (Vol. 6) #19 is written by Benjamin Percy, with artwork by Scot Eaton. It was released in 2018.


10 Most Powerful Beast Boy Transformations in Titans History (Ranked Weakest to Strongest)

Beast Boy has transformed into many creatures across the multiverse. Among his transformations, there are 10 whose power can rival DC’s strongest.

Beast Boy Nearly Kills Deathstroke

Tales of the Teen Titans (Vol. 1) #55

Beast Boy attacks Deathstroke

The turmoil suffered by Beast Boy during “The Judas Contract” storyline has been well-documented. One thing that is oft-forgotten is how Beast Boy was ready to unleash bloody revenge upon Slade Wilson soon after. Ultimately, Gar proves himself strong enough to overwhelm Slade in a fight. Their first skirmish in Tales of the Teen Titans #55 is interrupted by guards, but Beast Boy nearly kills Wilson right then and there, before promising to return. When Beast Boy does return to confront Slade, though, he realizes that he doesn’t have it in him to kill someone, leading to a straightforward conversation between the two.

Released in 1985, Tales of the Teen Titans (Vol. 1) #55 was written by Marv Wolfman, with art by Ron Randall.

Beast Boy’s First Appearance

Doom Patrol (Vol. 1) #99

Doom Patrol and Robotman coins the name Beast Boy

In his debut, Beast Boy made an immediate impact by destroying the Doom Patrol’s home base. The team at first assumed that several animals had torn their place to shreds, but a further trap soon revealed the culprit to be a pesky green teenager, one who can turn into several different animals. Once they got properly acquainted with each other, Robotman was the first to coin the name “Beast Boy” for Gar. In the very next issue, Doom Patrol #100, readers were privy to “The Fantastic Origin of Beast Boy,” with the milestone issue of the DC series going in-depth on the new, immediately popular character’s origin story.

Doom Patrol (Vol. 1) #99 was published in 1965. It was written by Arnold Drake, with artwork from Bob Brown.

Beast Boy’s First Appearance With The Teen Titans

Teen Titans Vol 1 #6

Beast Boy asks to join the Titans

More important than Beast Boy’s first comic appearance is his first appearance alongside the Teen Titans. It wasn’t until six issues into the first iteration of Teen Titans, just over a year after his initial comic book debut, that one of the definitive members of the team joined the Titans. Fed up with needing his guardian’s permission to become an official member of the Doom Patrol, he asked the Titans if he could become their fifth member instead. Robin directed the issue’s themselves to write-in to DC’s mailbag, indicating if they wanted Beast Boy included in the Titans, and they overwhelmingly approved.

Teen Titans (Vol. 1) #6 was written by Bob Haney, with art from Bill Molno from 1966.

“Being Normal Is Overrated”

Teen Titans (Vol. 3) #15

This storyline involved Beast Boy being cured of the virus that gave him his powers, after the disease becomes airborne, reversing his diagnosis while infecting other children. When it comes time for Gar to get his powers back through a shot, the doctor asks if he’s sure. In response, Beast Boy gives a speech about the grief he’s experienced because of his powers. Despite how hard his life had been, he notes: “that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. And being ‘normal’ is overrated anyway.” It’s no secret that Beast Boy hasn’t had the easiest life since becoming a hero, and yet, he loves everything that’s come to him because he accepts himself for who he is.

Teen Titans (Vol. 3) #15 was written by Geoff Johns, with art by Tom Grummett. It was published in 2004.


Beast Boy Reveals He Can Cheat His Powers to Become DC’s Smartest Man Alive

Beast Boy can do more than just change into animals. When brain power is needed, Gar can become one of the most brilliant people in the DC Universe.

Beast Boy Warms Up to Raven In Every Universe

Beast Boy Loves Raven Chapter 4

Beast Boy and Raven dance

Throughout Beast Boy Loves Raven at this point, Raven finds herself annoyed, if not slightly amused, by Beast Boy’s antics, as they continue to get to know each other. Things take a turn in the fourth chapter, where they spend the day dancing together, eating ice cream, and sightseeing together. During the course of this scene, it becomes clear this is the first time Raven allows herself to have fun with Gar. Beast Boy always has a knack for getting anyone to warm up to his charm, but this shows that in any universe, he can still charm the pants off of anyone, especially his forever lover Raven.

2021’s Beast Boy Loves Raven was written by Kami Garcia, with art from Gabriel Picolo.

Beast Boy Joins The Justice League (Not Really)

Teen Titans Go! (Vol. 1) #45

Beast Boy in the Justice League
Teen Titans Go! (2003) #45

Teen Titans Go! (Vol. 1) takes place in the same continuity of the animated series, though Beast Boy largely has the same origin story he does in DC canon. In issue #45, he’s ready to tell his origin story to a group of children around the campfire, but he can’t help but embellish a few things. Cyborg calls him out on his lies during the story, including one claiming to have been asked by the Justice League personally to join them. The issue is classic Beast Boy, highlighting how he can always find a way to make comedic light out of serious situations, even his tragic backstory.

Teen Titans Go! Vol 1 #45 was published in 2007. It was written by J. Torres, with art by Alexander Serra.

What It Means To Be A Titan

Teen Titans Academy #7

Teen Titans Academy #7, Beast Boy consoles Gorilla Gregg at Teen Titans AcademyBeast Boy consoles Gorilla Gregg at Teen Titans Academy

This issue features Gorilla Gregg in a face-to-face confrontation with his villainous uncle, Gorilla Grodd. Beast Boy consoles him afterward, assuring him that it’s natural for him to think twice about fighting his actual family. This soon leads Beast Boy to define exactly what it means to be a Titan. He explains that evil is everywhere, but it is important not to get cynical, when confronted by evil, or when someone they care about breaks their heart. Being a Titan is all about treating everyone like family, not just a select few people. Beast Boy understands what it means to be a Titan better than most.

Titans Academy #7 was written by Tim Sheridan and drawn by Rafa Sandoval. It was released in 2021.

Beast Boy Overcomes His PTSD

Tales of the Titans #4

Dark Crisis #1 ends with Deathstroke shooting Beast Boy in the eye. Gar survives, but he spends the rest of the series in a coma. Tales of the Titans #4 does a deeper dive into Gar, exploring his psyche after Dark Crisis. He is depicted as not doing well mentally or emotionally. He is continually despondent with Raven, and can’t stop seeing Deathstroke everywhere he turns. As he fights a werewolf, a vision of Raven reminds him who he really is. In that pivotal moment, he’s able to overcome his internal and external problems. The issue ends with the couple embracing for a hug, with his eye fully healed, and Beast Boy having found his old self again.

Tales of the Titans #4 was written by Andrew Constant with art from Brandt and Stein in 2023.

Beast Boy Receives the Master Caterer Medal

Tales of the Teen Titans #50

Beast Boy receives the Master Caterer award

This issue famously marks the wedding of Donna Troy and Terry Long, but one thing that cannot be overlooked is that the whole wedding was organized by Beast Boy. Throughout the issue, Beast Boy stresses out about how the festivities are running, with his friends needing to assure him that everything is going fine. Once the wedding is over and everything runs smoothly without incident, the Titans gift Beast Boy with a medal for being the Master Caterer. The character has committed some incredible feats across his superhero career, but this simple moment stands out as one of Beast Boy’s crowning achievements.

Tales of the Teen Titans #50 was written by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, with artwork Pérez.

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